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Its Honk time 9

Its team honk time… If you found this page via a flyer #TeamHonkGlos gave you, thank you for dropping by! Donating is easy, go to (yup, those capital letters are needed) and fill in the form. Maybe shake your handbag out and pledge whatever loose coins you have? It all adds up, and we don’t care if its not a round number. You can write in your own amount, whether it is £1.42 or £5 team honk will be most grateful. #TeamHonkGlos kicks off on Tuesday. That’s really not long and we are well under our fundraising target at the moment. Can you spare a pound or two please? Or maybe you could social media share our sponsorship link? Or simply share or reblog this post? On Tuesday, at roughly noon I’ll be met by Team Honk Bristol, on bikes I am told. They will be worn out, poor […]


Wet Dog, Wet Kid 6

As you might have heard on the news Englandshire is a bit damp and squishy. Rather than letting that stop our fun we used it to our advantage and I took Jen and Freya out puddle jumping. Jen didn’t want to go out, Freya was desperate for a wee but was refusing to go in the garden. Awkward! My solution “Jen I’ll let you get soaking and muddy if you let her exercise?” deal. He scampers off to find shoes, we both decided on wearing summery Crocs. It’s more sensible than it sounds… Crocs aren’t going to be damaged when submerged in puddles, and no socks to keep the cold muddy water on your skin. Yup we can totally blag wearing summer shoes in flooded fields and call it sensible. Shhhh stop disagreeing. 😉

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Overgrown and neglected 2

This is the path we use daily. Overgrown, unloved and used as a rubbish dump. I don’t understand why the people who technically own these garages don’t reclaim them. It’s such a waste of space. It could be so pretty with some love. If people see rubbish on the floor they add more rubbish. Sometimes it’s household bin bags, ripped open with nappies pouring out. I don’t understand why a parent would dump their child’s waste in a place they probably push his buggy through? It’s a mess right, no hope? This is the view if you look through the fence…I’m seriously tempted to wild plant this area, like I suggested on the “help our bees” post the other day. Does anyone have any unwanted bulbs? 😉

Gloucester City Residents weekend

I thought I would write a little something about Residents weekend. I saw a leaflet for this by chance, and after a bit of reading it seems that lots of Cities do this. Basically a few of the local “Sights” will open for free or reduced prices to local people in Gloucester on the 11th and 12th of Feb. This is great for me, as I only moved here a few years ago, and really know very little about the place I live! After a little look through the leaflet with my boys they had decided that of the attractions the light-ship sounded good, and so I have gone into the tourist information center with my proof of residency and got a “pass” for our family for the weekend. The idea of a light house on a boat is intriguing to me, but after reading up on it, it sounds like a hippy […]