Overheard Conversations You Want To Butt In To 2

Its school sports day for Dee, there are approximately a hundred parents crammed close together on plastic chairs. One side of me I’m being pushed by a fidgety teen holding a toddler – I feel uncomfortable. The other side, a mum and a nan to a child in Dee’s year. For a while they went on about parents who never come to these kind of things. Well I don’t normally! I used to work, I wouldn’t be allowed a few hours off on a working day like today, I worked in a place that was always single-staffed. Then they continue the rant bringing shift workers in to it…. Thanks! Guess what I used to do shifts. She was saying to the Nan that shift workers should arrange their “split” in the shift around sports days. I’ve never been offered such a choice actually. Workers have to do what the boss […]

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You call this expert bathroom fitting?

Ok then, a little vent is needed….A couple of years back I paid a small fortune to have our bathroom fitted by a local, well known company. They advertised themselves as quality and good service. Well I disagree rather! A few days ago British Gas kindly came out and unblocked my bath pipes. We had tried everything, the foamer gels, several bottles of bleach and the hair dissolving stuff for bathroom pipes. Nothing worked, so I phoned BG and a kind young chap was here the next afternoon. He tried the plunger etc like I had already, then decided the only thing to do was take off the side panel and disassemble the pipes to find the problem. No complaint at all with BG it’s just they were why I discovered the poor fitting. The side panel had been bodge fitted, was too large, so they had sawn some off […]

Why I hate Valentines day 10

So much fake lovey dovey stuff is forced in our faces from mid January to make you buy over priced and largely tatt tokens of affection. I don’t want chocolates in a heart shaped box, or a cheaply made teddy bear just because it’s hugging a heart cushion. It’s everywhere, and this year I am NOT playing this Valentine’s game! This is going to be a rant, a personal one. If you know my in real life kindly stop reading. One year ago, on Valentine’s day night, at midnight so he’d think I’d forgotten any kind of gift or love token, totally unexpected to him (I think) I got down on one knee and asked him to be my husband. He said yes, I was so happy. Then he refused to put the ring on saying he didn’t like jewelry, didn’t want it mentioned anywhere people might hear it or […]


Foxes, What Do You Think?

In the last few years Fox attacks are seemingly on the rise. Or at least the number of times the media get hold of these stories is on the rise.The recent BBC news story It seems that foxes are attacking unguarded babies and occasionally sleeping adults. There is a pattern to it from the stories I have read. It’s always in cities, the urban fox rather than the free range variety. It’s often a baby, and it doesn’t bite just anywhere… It goes for limbs. Hands, arms, feet. Not trying to be gross but its like it knows limbs are easier to remove and is that starving that its worth the risks of entering a house for “food”. With the adult attacks it’s similar – biting adults in their sleep. I’ve read about feet, fingers and ears being chewed at. You don’t tend to hear of attacks on say, the […]

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Mental Health Therapy Center is Shocking 4

Today I had to go for my therapy assessment. Was a big old building, not very welcoming as the door had several buzzer systems, a massive door knob and a few separate locks. Could be worse, plenty of improvement space though. I pressed the buzzer marked “reception” and say hi I’ve got an appointment. She replies OK then, but fails to let my in. I try a few times. Feel vulnerable and stupid stood on the doorstep of this building, massive mental health signs on the fence. Three students sat on the high steps of a Victorian house on the other side of the road, I might as well have been wearing a dunce hat with CRAZY in flashing neon lights. Could hear their comments, wasn’t a pleasant place to be. Luckily a patient (I assume as she had no badges or NHS pass card lanyard thingy “doctors” normally have) […]

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Please, bag it and bin it

#CleanUpAfterDogs Today I’ve been having a bit of a rant about dogs poo. I’m fed up of other peoples pet poo in my garden, and on the path next to my house. It’s taking the pee! There is currently THREE lots of dogs mess and one lot of cats mess in my front garden. Then a huge heap on the path that links my front door to the back of the house, where the road is. I’m not being quiet anymore – please dog owners, get it picked up. “Keep Britain Tidy” have free posters and stickers about various campaigns, and I’ve requested the posters and bin stickers that mention the “Poo Fairy”. The posters will go on my downstairs windows and I’m going to staple one to my fence in a poly-pocket so the dog owning neighbours go past it. The stickers are going on local bins, but also […]

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Banks got me annoyed

Why are telephone and internet banking “security” questions so awkward that even I can’t access my own account. It’s frustrating as I know why I’ve failed security, I was asked the values of a few recent transactions on my account. One of them I knew was Lloyds chemists, it was the prescription charge for anti depressants. I said I have no idea what the NHS charge is, 7.50 ish. I had to Google it, surely the man on phone could accept “NHS prescription fee” as the answer, but no. I explain I’m disleksyc and numbers don’t stick, but surely knowing exactly what I bought, when these items have a set price, that should be good enough. If anything shows I know my account that I knew the location of the transaction and the time of it! The reason I’m trying so hard to contact my bank is we are trying […]


I’ll just have a meltdown now

So Hubby just got home this evening…. He was wearing a flipping cowboy hat. That was it, annoyed and upset. I passionately HATE all things to do with western films and cowboys. Ho hum.. All i wanted was a hug but all i got was a discussion on why i hate the hat so much. Still haven’t got a hug from either of the kids or Hubby. Great fun i am having. Honest guv. I’ll just do housework until they remember im here? I just want to feel like a person again, not just a mother.

So my hubby has gone a few hours ago…

Already i feel as though i might go crazy. He’s gone to Canada for work again. He left Gloucs at 11am and took off from Heathrow at half past 5. I feel so alone already…. Some people shouldn’t be parents and i suspect I am one of those. I have honestly already been crying, kids are really different when he’s not here. We don’t live in a show home, far from it, but call me a snob, i don’t find it as funny as my boys do to throw food across the room, stamp, rant and even tip a cup with hot chocolate in it onto a beige carpet whilst stareing at me…. Then threw it at the door! This was the 4year old. The 9year old miniature teen has been grunting, ranting, complaining and letting me know what a rubbish parent i am. I need help! I wrote on […]

The icing on the cake… 2

It’s been a rough couple of months at work, I work in one of those “shop within a shop” places. I can’t name my little company, or the big company whose building I work within. Known from here on in as little and big just so it reads easily and stays fairly anon. The “Us and Them” office politics that big imposes on little is getting worse. Last year I put in such a strong complaint about someone from big that they were dismissed…. as soon as that tyrant was gone, other staff in big seemed more than happy to adopt the Cruella De’ville personality and make everyone else miserable. Now I like little, but since big made us move location within the building we are now painfully quite. My store was above targets, doing well, now its clearly declining. Big are making me very unwelcome, and to be honest […]


Working Mums…. 2

I was emailed this weekend by Save The Children about something I feel strongly about as it effects us. Below in speech marks is quoted from save the Children’s email to me this weekend. I’m a working Mum, and I work for pence not pounds after childcare, I’m in childcare poverty/debt! I earn £6.90 an hour, pre tax which I get no discounts on such as working family tax credit. I pay £3.25 an hour childcare for one, and £6 an hour when both are in care. So during school hours its okish, after 3.15pm I’m working for free / at a loss. The only way I actually afford food is by skipping the break entitlements I have, as I don’t get paid for this time, and cycling or walking EVERYWHERE even in snow. I made the mistake of using the bus a few times last year, on those days, […]

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Valentines day, over rated or brilliant?

Valentines day, to me it used to be special but now its just lame. Big shops and brands have got their claws into yet another traditional day and pimped it out for all its worth. I love sweet romantic thoughtful gestures, not so keen on another mug with hearts on, or heart shaped chocolates, or fluffy hand cuffs. Come on big shops, get a bit less tacky please? I’m going to be much more happy to receive a rose bush to plant out than a dozen roses to die on my fireplace in a vase. Much happier with a mars bar or a toffee crisp bar than a big pink “pretty” chocolate heart, its over priced and artificially coloured chocy always tastes wrong. Why did you have to mess with our traditions you greedy big brands? What was wrong with love letters and candlelit homemade dinners? Simple happiness not corporate […]