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Suddenly feeling abandoned and angry. 2

Today is my partners work Christmas do. Its black tie, posh food at formal dinner. Then a party. First time I’ve been out in ages, and with partner on my arm in a cocktail suit. So why am I upset? Tonight I shall be wearing my only posh dress… It’s lovely and really long. A deep purple that shimmers another shade of purple. Great dress, except I bought this for my own wedding reception. Until he called it off a few months back… Yeah right when I had the breakdown. Is it a surprise I was suicidal? Any way, here we are. Is it normal to stay with someone after such a rejection? I doubt it. I still love him, although he no longer loves me. That hurts, I won’t sugar coat it. It REALLY HURTS. So off to the doctors for a check on how I’m coping, honestly doc […]