Why I support Grammar schools 1

It seems that a lot of people are against grammar schools and I want to give you my opinions on it. My eldest son D goes to grammer school, We aren’t rich or posh. We are a normal family. I wouldn’t say we are pushy parents, we’d love both the boys to do well, but D’s school was his own first choice. We went to look around a couple of grammar schools and a couple of secondary schools.  The nearest local secondary was awful in my opinion – it was set up for the under performing children more than the smart children. That sounds snobby I know,  but it was true. We sat through the headmasters lecture to all of the prospective parents.  It was all about how they accept all kids, even the naughtiest children that have been excluded everywhere else. This wasn’t an attractive sales pitch unless you […]

How Much? Shocking Costs For Starting Big School 2

My son D was accepted in to the local Grammer school. The night before last we had to go to the school for a “new parents” evening where they spoke mainly about their laptop scheme. This is where they bulk buy specific computers, software, cases and kit so all the pupils have the same. The word optional was thrown about a fair few times, then the hard sell, in the last few school years not one new starters parents have failed to be on board with this laptop scheme, but it’s still totally optional but if your child doesn’t have the laptop they will be given adequate resources to complete the lesson. Further in to this hard sell section it turns out they mean 25 kids on computers and the poor kid with a paper text book and a pencil. Hmmm, no pressure then! The price? A mere £560! Ouchy […]

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D will be going to a Grammar school! 4

So proud of my Mr Smartie Pants, we got a letter this weekend saying he was one of the boys accepted in to (in my opinion) the best school in the area. One of the reasons we bought this house was the number of schools nearby, some better than others, much better. A Boys only Grammar school. From what D has said it seems only he and one other boy in his school were actually selected by the grammar school.  Gold star for my Son!!! Go D!!! Its brilliant news, I thought I had messed up my lads chances, as the entrance exam was on the weekend back in October when I wanted to throw myself from windows. I refused to accompany him to the exam as I couldn’t face going outside, I let him down. Thankfully his Dad took him there and waited to pick him up after […]

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I devised a cunning costume

Earlier I had a little moan about D suddenly wanting a costume for WBD. Well now I have something. D is going to be Death from Mort by Terry Pratchett. He will be wearing an old Halloween basic skeleton suit (the plain black with bold basic white bones painted on), a long black cardie of mine with a hood will be the cloak, a teddy rat in one of my cardie pockets and the Pictionary egg timer in the other pocket. Then the best bit, I’m making a scythe using glue, a plastic pole and some corrugated card for the blade. Pegged together whilst the glue dries overnight. Turtle added for Pratchett fans. He’s going to look really mean! I will make sure he takes a copy of Mort in his bag just in case the teachers have not read it. I only had a tiny bit of silver paint […]

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World Book Day. Noooo! 3

Ok, I’m a little cheesed off now. Jen said he wanted to dress up for WBD and I’ve come up with a cheap plan for him. I bought a basic pirate outfit on eBay for £6.50 and I’m borrowing D’s crocodile teddy. Voila! A Peter pan pirate. He thinks he’s Hook, and he adores the TickTock croc bit as a Jake and the Neverland pirates fan. Sorted, outfit already on the way, due midweek. This morning D gets ratty about borrowing this croc and snatches him back. Cue a war between the boys, marvellous. :-/ Then D proclaims despite his non interest so far he suddenly needs an outfit, not wants but needs it. Panic! Ebay wants nearly £20 for anything book-ish in D’s size, plus its a bit late to rely on postage. I’m stuck!

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My Smartie Pants 3

Just having a proud Mummy moment. D is super smart as I’ve mentioned before. On Friday he came home with a medal. The wording on the medal does not give much away, “The Maths Olympics”.So I ask D about it, “Yeah Mum, those maths tests earlier on at school where we competed against each other? Do you remember?” Turns out two children got medals, the smartest at school again. Careful the wind doesn’t change…!  Here he is, the clever one. Hehe. With his medal!

Back to school, and first day!

Well today D went back to school, which was a relief for him and us to be honest. During school holidays he gets so bored and angry, he becomes very hard to cope with. Little Jen on the other hand starts school on Monday morning. I find this odd, as its the same school. Jen wants to go to school very much, and I think he will enjoy it but I’m also concerned is he as smart as his peers? Will he be bullied? I remember clearly, D could write many words, and short sentences before he started school and has always shown a huge talent for maths. Jen can’t write although does attempt some names, mummy, daddy etc. He gets his name nearly correct by saying it so slow he breaks it down, and then gets all the constentents right but not the vowels. Is that normal for a […]