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30 ways to save £1 4

I saw +Jax from Liveotherwise blog about this great competition from Money supermarket and knew I had to enter. It’s called 30 ways to save £1, and the great thing about this competition isn’t the huge prize money, it is that they will give you £1 per tip, if you publish your own post on this topic before 17th of May, so what are you waiting for?   Pounds, Quid, gold pieces, dosh!    The first tip has to be, enter this competition yourself as soon as you have read this post! Always make sure you use the food with the shortest dates first. Throwing out a few items a week could cost you several pounds. Wash your laundry at 30 degrees when you can to save a little bit in electric bills. Try to save a little bit of gas and water (so dosh too) by shortening you shower by […]

Am about to clear a strangers apple tree….. I love freecycle

As we are planning to make chutney from our wind trashed tomato plants, I asked on freecycle for jam jars with lids and windfall apples. I didn’t get offered the jam jars but a local lady had tree surgeons out today drastically attacking her apple tree….. meaning all those apples from branches were going in a skip. That’s not right – I hate wasted food. This of course means my house will stink of boiling vinegar tonight or tomorrow as my other half gets all domesticated. Love him!