Weight loss woes

Earlier this year I was doing well regarding fitness and weight loss. Then my sleeping issues got harder to deal with, and my exercise levels dropped right off as I am sleeping more hours per day than I’d like. With my Fitbit I can keep an eye on things like weight, daily activity (steps), body fat percentage and sleep. I mean well, I intend to move more and stay active but instead I am fighting sleep. I need an edge, a bit of an advantage or a cheat. That little cheat is XLS-MEDICAL Max Strength which you might have seen adverts for. It’s not a miracle cure, it won’t make me thin by magic. What it does is reduce the amount of bad things my body takes in each day.


Thinking yourself slimmer?- WIN 13

As I mentioned I’ve been working with Thinking Slimmer recently, and listening regularly to podcasts known as SlimPods. I know, I know, that sounds a bit dippy hippy but I reckon it’s been working. I am rubbish at diets and health plans and routines in general actually. This is a lazier way to lose weight, trying to retrain your brain to eat better. It’s the kind of thing I wouldn’t have thought would work, and wouldn’t have paid to do but since I’ve been doing it I think it is worth paying for. But as my boys would yell in a game of tag “Bagsy you’re it, No returns” – Sorry Sandra!


Getting fit – update 9

For the last week I’ve been trying something different.  I’ve stopped calorie counting and joined SlimPod.  It’s the kind of thing that a few years back I’d have dismissed as nonsense, the best way I can describe it is “motivational podcasts from a man with a soothing voice, bordering on hypnotherapy”. I never used to believe just talking and listening therapy could fix anything – until Dave fixed my dog phobia. Within weeks I was on to the Dogs Trust about helping a woofer. I ended up with Freya, my amazing new best friend,  full of phobias herself. It’s a mutual help thing,  things changed for us both – she got the love she desperately needed and I gained a constant companion and friend. I was so afraid of dogs I couldn’t go outside on foot alone,  only by bike so I could escape faster and if I heard barking […]


Trying to get fit 6

Well last week was horrible, I went to the bathroom scales and I hated what they said. I was a bit disgusted in honesty. Things have to change. So I have joined something called Blogging to Jogging and am over-sharing weight loss,  fitness and health stuff with them. It’s been quite good to just be part of an online support group – it felt like the online equivalent of an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting for biscuit addicts. Hi I’m Julie and I am over weight.

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My Review of Zaggora Hot Pants

As some of the regular readers will have read, I want to shift some weight trying to get ready for that skydive! Have you heard of Zaggora hot pants? These hot pants are a brilliant idea, and Zaggora sell a range of other clothing to help you exercise better. The idea is it makes certain areas of your body hotter than normal, so if you are wearing them it means your bum and thighs do “more work” and waste more calories, so hopefully lose weight from the problem areas first. I’m sad to admit I do have a wobbly tummy, so I am giving Zaggora Medium HotPants 2.0 a good trial. I have been exercising indoors on my partners cross trainer, and my twice daily school pick up is via bicycle, and I try to wear my hot pants for that too. I can’t say I’ve lost any weight yet but I can […]

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Going For a Little Spin 5

My pal Pink Oddy  encouraged me to get active with her #MotivationalMonday post. The theme was spinning. I cycle most days so a bit too obvious.. Instead I now have partners cross trainer from the garage in the living room. I’ve not used gym equipment before this week but my recent weight check worried me. Determined to lose some weight before the skydive, I’ve just ordered two weeks of ‘orrible meal replacement shakes, and I’m eagerly awaiting a pair of zaggora exercise hot pants. Starting gently, 4 minutes on the clock and I did 6 minutes before bed last night. I know these are  not the best photos ever, but I was stood on the cross trainer at the time.

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Weigh In, Oh Dear

As I had some issues with my home scales recently today I went in boots. The maximum weight for the skydive is 15 stone. I’m way too close to that limit. I must lose some weight, now it’s like a sponsored slim & the jump!