Cheap unique solar garden lights

Spring is here,  and it brought longer brighter evenings with it. It’s a great time to get out in the garden and liven things up.

I had a cool idea – making cheap solar lighting more fun.


In Wilko the cheapest solar lights are 85p each, they’ll do.  I checked they worked first, and then peeled off the shop stickers.
When you remove the top bit (the silver section that has the solar panel in it) you gain access to the clear section.

I half filled the clear hollow bit with beads, pretty beads from Craft Merrily. You can use almost any beads but pearlescent or translucent ones glow wonderfully.  You could even try some glass marbles, anything that might grab the light. 

By day you notice the metallic beads glint in the sun, by night they glow with an almost magical quality. You could deliberately match the beds to a theme – maybe all orange and yellow beads to go in lights by a goldfish pond.  Or all in your favourite colour. 


How they look at night.

What do you think? Cheap garden craft, and I reckon it looks lovely.

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