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I first saw Cheeky Shoes at the sky dive. Susanne was wearing lovely purple ones and I had slight shoe envy. Then I realised that lots of bloggers had tried them, and I got in touch. Sadly the biggest size was a size 8 but I was assured there would be some stretch in this.

When they arrived first impressions were “my word they are bright” and that they fitted through the letter box as promised. The packing is minimal and clever.


The plastic envelope it comes in is its warehouse packaging, stating colour, size, and a few words about cheeky shoes. Genius, it doesn’t need a new post office friendly packaging to go over it. They just stick a postage franked label on it and out it goes.


My opinion, I love them! If there was a size 10 available I’d buy them, especially in the purple. Sadly they pulled at my toes a bit too much, but they are comfy, and I wore them in rain and sun. Although the fabric stretches well, the rubber sole is always going to be a size 8, so I felt my heel was unsoled. That’s not the shoes at fault though, its me being huge. It was nice to not wear Crocs for a while.
I like big strapy styles of shoes, so these are “me”. The colour also grew on me, which I never thought I’d say! These were the old style, the new ones are strapless (boo) which I think makes them look like a unisex Tom shoe. The concept is still the same though, well made, letterbox friendly, British designed shoes. No post man “sorry you were out” cards.


Cheeky shoes. or cheeky shoes on Twitter.
The customer service is fabby, Marcin, the guy in charge is lovely and friendly. 10 out of 10. Very impressed by him.

Seriously, if these came in a size 10 I’d buy a few pairs. Loved them, except the snuggness, which wasn’t Cheeky shoes fault. Please sell bigger ones.
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