The Christmas Bulbles Competition 3

Me and my eldest son have been “mucking about with craft fluff an’ stuff” and come up with 4 little “Christmas Bulbles”.

Nope, that’s not an accidental typo, its Bulbs + Baubles = Bulbles.

As I can’t resist a good blogger challenge type of competition I had to have a go at this one. So D and I sat down, and made rather a bit of mess, had some fun, and came out with these….


Ready to go – far too much crafty stuff!

D isn’t a natural “crafter” so I set him going with a children’s sewing kit and he stitched together Mr Robin. Bright pink and cute he may be, but he has an evil eye, a glass eye in fact.

My first creation was the biggest, of course. I threaded 20 glittery mini-baubles onto a festively red pipe cleaner, then wrapped it around the bulb tubes. Around the plastic cap section I then sticky taped on some metallic ribbon, with the words Merry Christmas all over it. To make it hang I’ve used a glittery tinsel looking pipe cleaner and wrapped it around in a similar way to how old miners lamps hang. Wasn’t quite festive enough, so then I added a bow, and a handbag! Now that is super-sparkly.


And here I turned a dress shapped decoration into a fairy. The body is a lolly stick, with a fairy light bulb and a glittery halo pompom. Around the middle is white and fluffy, with even more festive fluff finishing it off at the bottom.

So what do you think of my Mrs Claus fairy outfit? I’m thinking she might want wings, but D said nope.


I’m pleased with these two.


My tree is looking a little crazy now.

Sewing cute children’s tree decoration kits worked for us, D was still working on Mr Robin, so I made up Miss Ginger. I wanted to be a little different with her, so I also made her light bulb. D was very impressed at this point by how I made something from nothing. Hehehe.


Not so sure we’ll win, but we tried!

This is my entry for the competition. If you want to have a go yourself the closing date is Boxing day, so not long really. Why not whip your glitter and paints out and get the kids involved? Check out the Terms first though. Enjoy!


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