Christmas present ideas – experiences not things

Are you struggling for inspiration for gifts? I’m going to share some gift ideas here and hopefully it will help one of my readers.

Firstly presents don’t need to be something physical, they can be effort based or some kind of experience. Most people have too much stuff these days anyway.

One of the family is getting a meal at a posh restaurant as a voucher from Wowcher. The good thing about this is its pre purchased at a set price, quite discounted already but it states clearly what is and isn’t included. Also check Groupon and Amazon Local.

For my brother in law I’ve been tiling his bathroom. No offence to him but decoration and DIY isn’t his thing. I spent a few quid on materials but this gift will last years not just until January so you’ve got to do it properly. It’s taken me about 6 hours but it’s saved him having to pay a professional a high fee in the new year. If you’re tiling, nothing does grouting like a kitchen spatula. The spirit level is because I might be a perfectionist.

just me doing DIY

He laughed when he realised I was in a Santa hat.

I’ve offered an older relative my time for gardening, it’s something that she can no longer do but she used to be very proud of her little garden. There is no point buying her food gifts or cute Christmas gifts as she has everything she needs and has completely run out of space on her shelves for more ornaments. Dear garden weeds, watch your backs… I’m coming.

Another relative with young kids is going to get a muffin baking tray, a few nice cake mixtures and a packet of paper muffin cases. It will be wrapped up nicely with a note saying we didn’t know what you wanted so we’ve given you some family baking fun.


Okay, the baking things cost me but can you imagine the price of this if it was a pre-packaged gift set? I still think that it is more about the experience than the money though.

That’s not to say physical gifts are wrong, I know some kids that would be sad if given an experience not a toy. Just think does the gift recipient really want more stuff?

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