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Yes, I am one of those people that give my pets gifts at Crimbo. I have always done this, and I can remember walking around indoor markets and buying my pets very cheap toys with my pocket money at a young age.
I consider the pets as family members – even Tan the chicken who hates me. It feels wrong to pile things under the tree for the children without getting them to give gifts to the pets. This will be Freya Woof’s second Christmas living here, and this time she knows what to expect. Ohhhh dear.

Recently we received a parcel of pet products from Feedem and Freya has been stealing her bauble toy already. I haven’t actually given this to her but she knows it will be hers. Light pawed madame.
Keep reading if you want to know how to make some nice pet gifts.


The items Feedem sent.



Also I like to make gifts, preferably upcycled. So I made FreyaWoof a bed to go in the car – using an old towel, a lumpy old pillow and a fleece buggy blanket.

How to make a dogs bed.

The blanket and the towel are unlikely to be the same shape or size. Lay them both flat on a table (or the floor) and snip off the overlap. Next establish which side is the back of the fabrics, many fleece blankets will have a side that looks fluffier and better.
Place both rectangles of fabric together with the good side in, the not so good side out. Next sew it using straight stitch, about 2 or 3 cm from the edges so all the rough bits will be hidden later. Let the sewing machine do the hard work, just do 3 & a half sides so you leave a gap to shove stuffing in later.
Tie the loose thread ends to help prevent fraying.

Turn the whole thing inside out. This should leave you with something like a giant pillow case. Imagine a line in the middle, separating it in to two squares. Along that line stitch part of the line in zigzag, tie off the loose threads. This will help prevent all the fluffy stuffing ending up in one end. You are now ready to fill it.

Shred that lumpy bumpy annoying pillow into snow softer pieces and cram half of it in each half of the new bed. Straight stitch the hole by folding the raw edges inwards and stitching very near the edge. This will now look finished – it is not.

Drawing of dogs bed

Break for a cuppa. No really! It’s in the instructions!
Finally you straight stitch all the way around the edges about 4 cm in. This is tricky because the bed just got bulky! This helps to keep the seams stronger for when Freya will fidget and dig at her bed. Now finally tie off these loose ends and finish your cuppa. You’re done!
Just add a dog or cat I suppose.

Freya woof

The good thing about this is one side as towelling is fabulous for a wet or muddy walkies day. The fleece side is for every other day.

Make a rodent Christmas tree.

For a small rodent treat find some twigs (should be easy as it has been windy recently) and tie them in little bundles according to length (snapping them to better lengths if you need to) using hesian string. Arrange these bundles by length to make a pyramid shape and a really small one last at the bottom.

stick tree

Next cut a longish bit of string – starting with the longest (the bottom) tie a knot around the center so it hangs horizontally straight then knot on the next bundle and next again until you have finished. The two longer bits of remaining string should allow you to tie the rodent friendly Christmas tree in your buddies hutch. It’s not just a decoration, it’s good for their teeth to chew sticks.

Disclosure : The ideas and words are mine, even the bad drawings. I was sent the Christmas pet items by Feedem for the purpose of this post, even though it became a crafty how-to post instead.

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