ClaireaBella classic review for ToxicFox

Hello readers,
This week in the post I received a beautiful ClaireaBella bag from
It is a jute  mini-shopper bag, that has some kind of coating making it feel stronger but you can hardly see it at first. It has a delightful blonde girl painted on to the front, with glitter in the paint of her dress and hair.
I like the little details, like the adorable little metal heart that says “HAND MADE WITH LOVE”.
Also love the pink bows, normally I’m not a girlie girl, but this is pretty darn cute.
The ClaireaBella bags are famous for being personalised, this one is not as it is for review purposes.
I would love to get one of these as a pressie, and my first thought was I know loads of young ladies that will want to pinch this from me!
I love it!! The only downside I see is its pretty small for me – I’m a typical working mum and my normal handbag is like a tardis. I’d be tempted to leave my lunch box at home on purpose so I can use this everyday. This sells on ToxicFox for £24.99 – the prices of the ClaireaBella bags varies from £14.99 for a canvas bag, to £44.99 for the most expensive jute items.
Hand to give idea of size
For clarity, I received this bag free on the condition I write a review. Thank you ToxicFox.

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