D will be going to a Grammar school! 4

So proud of my Mr Smartie Pants, we got a letter this weekend saying he was one of the boys accepted in to (in my opinion) the best school in the area. One of the reasons we bought this house was the number of schools nearby, some better than others, much better.

A Boys only Grammar school. From what D has said it seems only he and one other boy in his school were actually selected by the grammar school.

Gold star for my Son!!! Go D!!!

Its brilliant news, I thought I had messed up my lads chances, as the entrance exam was on the weekend back in October when I wanted to throw myself from windows. I refused to accompany him to the exam as I couldn’t face going outside, I let him down.

Thankfully his Dad took him there and waited to pick him up after that exam. I wasn’t even awake yet when they returned.

Still, that’s the past, and this is now!

D is in! He passed and we are all excited.

Now comes the expensive bit, the school insists all pupils have laptops purchased via the school, and set up to match the schools network and have certain programs only on it. I understand wanting control and having all pupils on the same equipment. But this will be a couple of hundred pounds. Then there is the posh suit style uniforms, the compulsory school trips. I hear they recently went away on school camp, not to Devon or something, oh no, only flipping South Africa! (Awesome for D, frightening to my already red bank balance).

The school itself is close to my home, very close – I can hear the school bells from home. This is great news as he can pop home for lunchtimes, or have mates back, he might become more social.
Then there are the other perks of the school, its own gym, a rugby team, a swimming pool, a weights room, a cybernetics club, also certain colleges and Universities look to this school for future students so he has better chances in life.

SON, Mummy is so PROUD of you. I don’t care I can’t afford it, I’ll sell all my cd’s and whatever else I think might sell if I have to. You belong at this school, my genius. xxx

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