Danger Mouse is back – Crikey!

As a child I used to adore watching Danger Mouse on telly. My favourite characters were Penfold and Nero – in case you haven’t got a clue who Nero was he’s Baron Von Greenback’s fluffy white pet caterpillar. Well now it is back on children’s telly, on the BBC.

Penfold in "The Odd Ball Runaround"

Penfold in “The Odd Ball Runaround” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Recently Dee and Jen have been playing with talking teddies from the TV show, we have the Baron, Penfold and Danger Mouse himself. Each of these cute plush toys has 3 phrases and the lads have been using these phrases to annoy their Father. Walking up behind him when he’s cooking and shouting out the phrases. The voices are of the current actors, so it’s not David Jason these days, it is the smooth sounding Alexander Armstrong. Nice!

The plush toys are made by Jazwares and cost around £10 each at Toys R us, and about £8 at Argos. (Prices correct at time of writing.)

Danger mouse

Dee set up a fight scene here, a camping spork has doubled as a weapon. Don’t worry DM saves the day.

They are small teddies, Danger Mouse is 24cm tall, Penfold is a shortie at just 17cm tall and The Baron is 19cm tall. These were measured by me, using a child’s ruler, so they are just to give you an idea of the size. You could squish one in to an adult sized coat pocket, but not the kiddies pockets. They’d easily go in to Jen’s school rucksack with his lunch box if he’s chosen as a Star of The Day at school, you aren’t allowed toys from home any other day.


The Outfits on these characters are sewn on and not removable – this limits playability, but it also limits the drama of losing an item of clothing. “Mum Mum, Penfold has lost his shoes and I can’t hug him to sleep unless him and Mr Mouse are both dressed and ready to be my super heroes” – I can very much imagine Jen having a strop like this, as it has happened with other teddies. Parenting tip, Stitch loose clothing to toys if you have boys like mine, a couple of quick stitches at the shoulders and at the waist should stop teddy wardrobe malfunctions!

If you are sat there thinking, “yeah but where’s his car?” which is exactly what Blokey just said to me, you might be interested to know that there is a Blue Peter instruction video to make Danger Mouse’s car.

I do rather like these toys, but as a collectable range rather than as toys. I can’t wait for other characters from the show to be released, such as Nero and Colonel K and Professor Squawkencluck. I want to put them all on the parcel shelf of my car, yes, I know that is a bit sad but this cartoon brings back happy childhood memories. Anyone who knows me in real life will be aware I overuse the word CRICKEY, and that is entirely Penfold’s fault.


Disclosure : Jazwares kindly sent me these toys for my boys to play with for the purpose of this review. 

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