Dear internet 5

I am a useless person, I bring in no real income. I chat all day online via twitter on my phone to help pass the hours.

I comfort eat as I’m bored lonely and cut off in real life.
I can’t tell you the last time someone hugged me without a motive except little Jen.
The last time a stranger spoke kindly to me was simply because Jen’s chattyness got her attention on the bus. That was just to say I must be a good mum as he’s rather smart for a 4 year old. The last time someone said this in real life before then? I can’t tell you.

Online I get told regularly I’m kind, chatty, nice even. But face to face people drop me faster than a sweetie wrapper.

Dear internet, you are all I’ve got and I just want a hug, a real person, with warm skin to willingly hold me. Not the word HUG on screen… A real hug.


The person I see most, my partner, well see the last post for how well thats going eh? The second adult I see most often, Jen’s classroom assistant! About two mins each morning, thats it. I might see a postie twice a week, and I like it if it’s a parcel and he has to knock and say “sorry it wouldn’t go through letterbox”…. Don’t be sorry. That might be the only conversation I get today, except on twitter and blogs.

Seriously thank you you lot for trying to keep me sane. But I just want a hug. Is that so much?

I can’t get on with people, but I can’t cope without them either.

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