Devon, I Do Not Want to Leave 1

Yesterday we went out to Paignton area again. Boats, crabbing, steam trains, play parks and some sea fun.


The view from the steam train, lovely beach!


Jen and D meet Lilo the gorilla.

There is a company in Devon Rivera area that run steam trains, a paddle steamer boat, old open buses, and boats up river and out to sea.
You can pay as single journeys or do what we did and buy a jubillie pass. We spent £85 on three days, as two days is £80 it meant the third day was a steal.

We added up the single fares just from day one and would have cost us £120! As my sons loved the boats, and Blokey and Jen love old trains, was perfect for us.

I forget all the places we ended up. Dartmouth, Paigton, Torquay, Goodrington Sands and others.


Weeeeeee... "Push me mummmmmm?"


D wants to fire Jen!


I adore this photo, my view from the boat


D looking cool!

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