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Recently Love The Sales got in touch, and I had a gander around their website. Impressed! Being a tall girl I struggle with finding things that fit, normally if online clothing shops do have a tall range it’s only a few items, and it takes AGES to hunt for something I like. It’s a website that pools together discounted products from other websites, so you can find brands you like at better prices. What’s not to like? The best thing I did on Love the Sales was search the word “tall” in the box in the top corner – Pandora’s box was opened, it was now only showing me lanky lass clothes. Then on the left sidebar I selected my clothing size, like magic I’m only seeing things in the tall ranges of several stores, just in the 2 sizes I usually buy from and if you then sort it by price  …. OMG! I’ve even suggested they make a “tall” section, as they have for maternity.

Screen grab from Love the Sales

A screengrab of Love the Sales, showing Dorothy Perkins clothing sorted by “Best discount percentage”. The way to get bargains.

I browsed just the tall things for a while, then wandered in to the Joules sale area (you know, because it’s pretty) and then ended up getting 4 items from Dorothy Perkins. I went with Dotty P’s as I know their stuff fits and if you order it to store to collect its free delivery – saving a further few quid.

The problem with a nice Summers day is strong shadows and bright glare, so I apologise up front. Ohh, and the squinting, sorry for that and my pale legs too.

Check dress.

A cute big skirted dress. Playing in the sunshine, sadly the rope is in the way!

Dotty P redish-orange dress.

A kickarse bodycon dress. Love it!

Between the 4 items I bought I spent £50 and a few pence, so that’s about £12.50 a piece. I realise that this might not sound amazing, but you have no idea how stressful clothes shopping can be for me. Now I’ve found Love the Sales I might be checking the site regularly, You can link it to your Facebook so you can follow particular shops you like, and save your sizes so that you can quickly have a peek if there is anything good. I get an email every few days (you can change the frequency) showing me just things that match the sizes I ticked. Genius.

Just me standing on my swing

I think this is my best purchase ever. A jumpsuit I look good in, well, I think I do.

Silly pigtails time

This was sold as a long tunic top, I swear it is a cold shoulder skater dress. Goes well with my floral Cons.

Now if Primark sold things online finally I’d be bankrupt – the drama that is shopping a sale rail in there, wow just wow. So what do you think of my outfits?

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