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As I said in my Christmas day post I recently sent a delivery of toys to The Dogs Trust for FreyaWoof’s old kennel buddies.
As I was checking out the delivery dates versus the Trust’s opening hours this beauty caught my eye.


Doris - images from dogstrust.

I wasn’t trying to get another dog but Doris is a Saluki, she looks like Freya and her description sounded like Freya. I had to meet her!

I might have tweeted our local trust a few times since I saw her picture on Christmas Eve. I tried not to get excited, but I couldn’t help it. Freya was described by our vet as “rarer than rocking horse poop!” – I couldn’t believe I was looking at a dog the same as our beautiful Freya.
I want a Doris Dog!! It said “I am reserved” on her photo but a few calls and tweets later it turns out the other person/family interested have dropped out. Yes!

Today we drove there to meet Doris dog and I think it went well.
Blokey was stood about 20 meters away holding Freya on her lead, and Doris was by me but being held by the Dogs Trust lady. Freya was quietly crying, a happy excited cry, and pulling towards Doris. The longer we were near Doris the more I fell in love. I was almost praying they wouldn’t try to hurt each other.

They were both on edge a bit, but nothing hostile. There was only one snarl/snap when Freya invaded Doris’ personal space and sniffed without seeking permission. It was very mild, and I think all nerves and the DT lady confirmed my judgement. She says they could become best friends but we need to go slow as both hounds are afraid of their own shadow.

When talking to the man at the desk I found out Doris was found in Southampton, I almost cried as Freya was abandoned there. My first thought when I saw her was they are sisters. I can’t prove it but there are so many things the same.

Their personalities, their haunting eyes, they are both missing the same dewclaw. They both act big and scary when they are nervous, when in fact they are docile and compassionate. Freya is dark brown with black and ginger biscuit stripes. Doris is ginger biscuit coloured with black and brown stripes. They are the same weight, 16kg each. Freya is only 2cm taller. And the perfect bit, they both have bent tails. Bent in the same place, both leaning the same way.
They are just meant to be together.


Freya - Do you think they look alike?

I am going back on Monday for more hugs, strokes and ear tickles.

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