Dresses and running in fields in Autumn

Recently House of Fraser were kind enough to send me a couple of dresses of my choice. Anyone that knows me in real life knows I dress quirky, one day it might be a see through dress, or a loud patterned maxi dress, the next day perhaps a mini dress over jeans or leggings. I don’t often just do normal plain clothes.

My first choice was a skater dress by Koo-Ture. This is not a brand I have ever heard of, but I really like the pinafore styling of the top half of this dress. What I will say is the sizing is way more generous than I expected, meaning this dress is actually too big. If you are looking at buying Koo-Ture I’d strongly recommend ordering the size smaller than you think or order both and return one.

The best bit of this dress is the weird sleeves, it is sort of sleeveless but with a strap that runs across the top of my arm to make the dropped pinafore straps look. This dress will never end up in a charity shop, I love it. I wear it with tights or bare legs, or layer it up a bit for colder more British weather with skinny jeans or leggings.

Koo-ture dress

So glad I wore capri pants! Check out my hair.

Koo-ture dress

The front view.

Koo-ture dress

Sideways on, I think this skirt flares out wonderfully.

Koo-ture dress

I love this photo. Thank you to my son Dee for this snap.

The above photos were all taken by my teenage son Dee, who unfortunately loves to play with image filters. I am sorry it is hard to see detail of the dress.

The second dress is by Alice & You, a see through chiffon maxi dress. In these photo I have it over a jumper dress, like I said, quirky. It also works great over a vest top and a mini skirt, but I advise you to wear non patterned items underneath. Double pattern would make passers by dizzy. I have already got an Alice & You dress and it is honestly one of my favourites.


The following photos were all taken by Blokey.

Alice dress

According to my kids I pull some silly faces. No idea what they mean.

Alice dress

The model “hurry up” face. This shot shows just how see through this garment it.

Alice dress

I just felt like showing my tights.

Alice dress

Always playing with my hair.

Of these two dresses I’d rate the skater dress higher. It holds its shape, it’s different and a bit unique. I can find nothing to fault but it being a bit too big and most ladies know a 16 in one brand can be like an 18 of another brand so I won’t mark it down on this. Five out of five, if I see a Koo-Ture dress again I’d try it on then buy it.
The Alice & You, this dress isn’t a bad dress but I’m just not loving it as much. Four out of five, I have to think too much about what I can wear it over. I still think this brand is great, seriously go check out Alice & You on HoF‘s website, but this one isn’t me so much. In summer it would by ace poolside to cover a bikini, classier than a kaftan that’s for sure!


Disclosure : these dresses were kindly provided by House of Fraser for the purposes of a review/outfit post. 

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