Easter at Hotel Chocolat 2

When Hotel Chocolat asked me if I would like a sweet treat from their Easter range I was in the dentists waiting room ironically, but of course I said “Yes please!”

I went for Egg and Chips. A British classic, but not normally like this.


The presentation of the parcel was brilliant.

I was hoping to scoff this entirely on my own, but the kids begged after catching a glimpse. *Mumbles something about pesky medling kids*

You’ll just love our take on a British Classic – with a creamy white chocolate and vanilla seed egg served sunny side up with a soft caramel yolk and a scattering of mellow milk chocolate, caramel-filled chips. Knife & fork not included!

The chips were gorgeous. Rich dark chocolate with a smooth, luscious carmel inside.


I want more chips! If I knew they tasted that good I would not have shared. The yellow squiggle was a nice touch, it looked like sauce, but I couldn’t taste a difference in the yellow choc.


The fried egg was a very thick slab of white chocolate with tiny black dots of vanilla all through it. The yolk was orange in colour full of more sticky, smooth caramel.

This costs £14 which is pretty pricey, but that said it tastes posh. You know its not cheap chocolate or something own branded. I would (and have) bought Hotel Chocolat as gifts, but I can’t seem to spend money like this on me. If I was rich I would probably be as fat as a house as I do love Chocolate. I will eat pretty much all chocolate, any chocolate, but in honesty Hotel Chocolat is one of the best tasting ranges/brands I’ve eaten. Keep up the good work HC!

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