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The boys and I went to test out Better Extreme trampoline park in Swindon’s link centre* before it opened to the public. It’s now open.

It was easy enough to get to, I had the satnav set to quickest journey time, Blokey had said “Oh it will be hell driving around there on a weekend. You’ll get stuck in the towns traffic and it’ll feel like London.”
Sorry my dear, my smarty pants satnav sent me through villages and countryside not the town, it was pretty and a fun drive (except for a twisty 20MPH village) and I arrived a few minutes early. Me… early?!

I wasn’t sure what to expect, I don’t like to research places before I attend, ruins the fun. The trampoline park was part of a large warehouse type building, with a swimming pool, a coffee shop, ice skating rink and a gym. If you’re bored there is probably something here for you to do. During February it’s £7.95 entry fee to get in for trampolining but if you want to bounce like a mad thing, then unwind in the pool I’d suggest going for a 1 day pass* for £10.

Loads of trampolines

Lots of fun.

In the trampoline park they have loads of normal trampolines, some performance trampolines which are stronger and bounce higher, there is a diving board into a foam pit, trampoline based dodge ball, and more.
My friend Joy was there and she did a little video featuring her family and me.

I am grateful there is no screaming in her video, that diving board looks so little in the video, well it’s scary as heck when you are stood up there! I don’t do heights well at all. I saw tiny children going for it, no drama at all and giggles as they landed. I was stood up there about 5 minutes on the verge of crying, I noticed a small audience of sniggering grown-ups watching. I clumsily tried to close my eyes and just step off, I couldn’t, it felt a mile high. After about the 8th attempt I did it and I managed to properly scream and fit in a four letter word without meaning to as I went. The lady stood by the side is creasing up at me, but I did it.

Dee diving of the high board.

Dee diving. This kid is not afraid of heights.

Things I want to warn you about –

Socks! You have to wear special socks, a bit like slipper socks with rubber gripper bits on them. You are given these at the desk, and you keep them when you leave. You wear them again on the next visit.

Lockers. These take a £1 coin (I didn’t try a trolley token) and it is returned to you once you unlock it at the end.

Phones. You are allowed phones and other items in the bounce areas but think it through, have zipper closing pockets.

Clothing. You really don’t want to be wearing a skirt. Leggings, running trousers or jeans are fine. I wouldn’t suggest wearing anything too baggy, you could end up with a baggy top over your head like a footballer celebrating a goal. Ladies, if you’re big up top you might want to wear a sports bra not let “the twins” wobble free enough to slap you on your chin.


Great way to waste energy this...

Jen and Dee cutting some shapes in the air.

Now for something a little more awkward.

For the ladies…
Hmmmm, there really isn’t a tactful way to put this.

Trampolining can make you pee. Embarrassing incontinence. If you have ever had water works issues, go to the loo often and wear pads. If you’ve never trampolined but are a Mother I would recommend wearing a standard sanitary pad just in case – better to have it there than not. It would be awful if you did have a pee pattern on your clothes after a few hops. I don’t usually have issues with most sporty things, cycling, skateboarding and running are fine, I even skydived without any wee drama. But trampolines put massive stress on your pelvic floor and bladder. The relentless up and down, it’s going to happen. Luckily there is a disabled loo right next to the trampolines (it’s not RADAR key) so if you need to quickly swap a pad, you can. They don’t sell them in one of those machines on the wall so make sure you have a spare pad in your pocket. Normal toilets are available but they are further away, which could feel like a walk of shame moment if you have had a little incident.
I wish someone had warned me before I went to my first trampoline park.

As usual, Dee wins.

My boys, beating each other up.

Disclosure : my boys and I were given free entry to the trampoline park, we have not been paid to review. Opinions are my own.

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