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So, you’ve got some annual leave to use up and you’d like to make the most out of our summer while it lasts? Naturally, you may be dreaming about a holiday abroad, with sandy beaches and sangria as far as the eye can see, but the cost of such an adventure can soon add up. Instead, many Brits are considering staycations, making
the most of what our home turf has to offer, and who can blame them? With so many fantastic destinations available, who needs to shell out on flights? Take a look at the Travelodge Get Up and Go Guide if you need some staycation inspiration and have a read of these five reasons why this type of break is a top idea this summer.

Scarborough beach, Yorkshire.

Scarborough beach, Yorkshire.

1 · Kinder to the purse – This isn’t always true as it depends on what you plan to do, and where you plan to go, but, often, you can enjoy a staycation without breaking the bank. Flight costs can make up the bulk of the cost of a holiday, so if you take them out of the picture, you can enjoy a break for less.

2 · Travel time is minimised – You don’t have to worry about waiting around in a departure lounge, battling with bored kids only to hear that your flight has been delayed for hours. Instead, you can just jump in your car, or hop on a train, and be at your chosen destination in no time. Plus, even if you do have hours on the road to contend with, there’s always service stations and points of interest on the way that can help to break up the journey. The Travelodge Get Up and Go Guide is great for seeing what there is to see and do on the way!

View from the train on the Welsh Highland Railway

View from the train on the Welsh Highland Railway (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

3 · Perfect for weekends – If you really fancy a break, but don’t have the annual leave to cover it, a staycation can be the answer. You probably won’t be able to justify a full-blown holiday abroad if you only have a couple of days to enjoy it in, but something a little closer to you can be done with ease.

4 · Simplicity – People dream of seeing the world and flying to faraway shores, but it’s amazing just how much there is to see and appreciate right on your doorstep.

5 · The Adventure – the UK is jam-packed with incredible destinations that are rich in culture, history, family fun and outdoor pursuits. From deserted beaches and rock pools to bustling cities and forest walks, if you’re looking for a holiday full of diversity, a staycation would be the perfect choice.

If you are choosing to stay closer to home this summer, planning is key. Make the most out of the time you have and use it wisely. Many people opt to stay at home to avoid forking out for accommodation costs, but by doing this, there’s always the chance of falling into the trap of doing nothing with your time. Instead, consider a local hotel or some affordable accommodation in a exciting new city or in the heart of the countryside.

Keep your passport handy for when you do want to explore foreign soils, but don’t underestimate the power of a staycation either. If all you need is a little break, you don’t have to look at international travel brochures for the answer!

Disclosure: This is an advertorial post. It was not written by Julie.

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3 thoughts on “Five reasons to staycation this summer

  • Leslie

    I love staycations. Anytime to get away from work is great but a weekend getaway is just as good to me & it saved money. Happy Monday!

  • Lauranne

    The only thing that puts me off holidaying in the UK is the weather, you have to pack three times as much as you need to cover cold, wet, hot, dry. I go for a week and take enough for a year!!