Freya has been family for 1 year 3

Our silly but adorable Freya came to live with us one year ago.
During that time she’s also moved into our hearts, not just our house.
Rather than asking “How are Jen and D?” if I’ve been out, it will be “How are my boys and Freya?”

puppy hugs

Freya and I have a hug.

I would be so lost without her now, she is like a third child. She still has her quirks, but she has obvious strong points too. She has learnt to play. She knows children are more easily hurt and plays differently with them, slower and cautious but not frightened. She let’s me wash her with little drama, she still bites the flea comb afterwards though.


Freya Smiling.

She eats food at her bowl in the kitchen without any growls if we touch her. She still cannot be trusted around “prey animals” but I can let her in our back garden now if all the little pets are in closed coops and hutches. She runs about like a loon circling the chicken coop for around 10 minutes but no woofing anymore. That is progress.


Stalking through the flowers.

We have taken her camping. We have taken her to beaches, woodland, hills, rivers and parks. She goes almost everywhere I do. She sits in my car, with her special seat belt on, and comes with me to shops. Book shops, pet shops and the bank let her in, and some pubs for coffee.


Pretty little woof.

She clearly still has phobias but has so much love in her. One of her recent discoveries is homeless people. She likes that they stand or sit by the same shops, and she will pull towards certain doorways. She is frightened by some of the group of habitual drunks that hang out near a dropin centre, yet she still walks straight to the one chap sat just inside the porch. She reaches out her paw to say “Hi” and seems to assess their character in that second. Then she either nuzzles their hands or politely side steps away. Unless you know her it’s not obvious she distrusts a person, but I see it.


Another happy face on walkies.

She doesn’t steal things anymore, and doesn’t feel the need to store food under furniture or rugs. She doesn’t rip things up in panic attacks when alone anymore. She might chew the ear or foot off a teddy, but when we first got her that would have been the teddy shredded not nibbled.

When we rehomed her from the Dogs Trust in Evesham a year ago we were told she was a year old, so we (and the vets) have used her homing date as her birthday. So a huge happy second birthday to my girlie.
I love her as family, and I think she feels the same.

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