Getting fit – update 9

For the last week I’ve been trying something different.  I’ve stopped calorie counting and joined SlimPod.  It’s the kind of thing that a few years back I’d have dismissed as nonsense, the best way I can describe it is “motivational podcasts from a man with a soothing voice, bordering on hypnotherapy”.


I never used to believe just talking and listening therapy could fix anything – until Dave fixed my dog phobia. Within weeks I was on to the Dogs Trust about helping a woofer. I ended up with Freya, my amazing new best friend,  full of phobias herself. It’s a mutual help thing,  things changed for us both – she got the love she desperately needed and I gained a constant companion and friend. I was so afraid of dogs I couldn’t go outside on foot alone,  only by bike so I could escape faster and if I heard barking I wouldn’t go outside at all.

So I know talking therapy works now. I have been able to get better at a few other things from talking, shouting, laughing,  panicking,  crying and smiling with Dave the therapist. SlimPod by Thinking Slimmer isn’t sold as therapy,  but it certainly feels similar to me.
It’s an antidote to dieting I guess, sort of retraining yourself to see food as fuel not comfort.

I haven’t lost loads yet, it’s only been a week so far, but I am going to share my weight. Monday is highlighted as that is the “starting weight” for this SlimPod journey.  You can see I was trying hard before this, and that increase before Monday was entirely a biscuit related de-waggoning.  I am no longer buying biscuits!

fitbit chart

My weight is like a Yo-Yo

I must keep going, keeping trying. I am suffering health issues due to my size, and I refuse to let it become worse.

Today is a positive day though.  Our garage has become an oversized shed recently and it was an unusable waste of space. It is now tidy, well as tidy as a storage space is going to get. It is now not just the shed, it is my mini gym.  I can take Freya and Doris outside with me and work out a little bit without strangers, and without gym fees, parking and petrol cost.

home gym

Dark image as the weather was grey.

I can now use a rowing machine, static bike or cross trainer. I’m going to go out there with my DAB radio set to Team Rock and go for it. I won’t say everyday because I know I wouldn’t do it,  but at least twice a week. 

Blokey and I have taken loads of junk to the tip for recycling and I even washed the concrete floor. As soon as it’s fully dry I am going to lay down the old stairs carpet to make it more comfortable out there, it won’t cover much of the floor but the most walked space at least.

Since reporting the stalker I’ve been able to get out on the fields in the evenings with the hounds a couple of times without feeling frightened/nervous about it, and that’s great.


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