Gifts for strangers

Yup, I have been doing the Random Acts of Kindness again.
Yesterday morning the father and son from the “Syrian resettlement” family was on the radio. Their English was broken, but they came across the air waves as wonderful people. The son was 13 years old, the same as my eldest son. I felt for him as he described terrorists “taking” his town.
He’s a normal kid, from a troubled country. He had no say in where he was born or the conflict going on there.

I decide I’m going to welcome them to their new home.
I try to find out more about the family, and now know the approximate ages of the other children. The lad is getting Lego Technics – my own 13 year old says it’s a decent gift, and he’s an expert on being a teenage lad afterall.
The daughter have a pink kitten TY teddy – not a puppy in case they are a Muslim family, I’ve been told they aren’t allowed dogs so avoiding it in case that is true. The other daughter has a make your own friendship bracelets craft kit, I want them to know they have friends in England. I decorated each of them a wooden tag featuring a Christmas stocking, a snowflake and a snowman. I added love in the form of well drawn glitter glue and wrote the words “welcome to Gloucester“.

gifts for strangers

A huge charity bag, and carefully wrapped gifts.

For mum and dad I have some less exciting home gifts. A posh scented candle in a glass jar and a handmade soap wrapped with a flannel.
In the bag is a simple non religious Christmas card saying “Welcome home. Our city is now your city. I don’t know if you celebrate Christmas, if you do not please think of this as a new home gift. From Julie, a local mum.

I got the bus instead of driving today because I donated my normal parking fee to a young local girl’s just giving page, so today I have walked a lot more than I usually would on a Wednesday, and I have a dead arm from carrying a huge bag of vinyl records to the charity shop.
Totally worth it.

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