Halloween photos 4

Halloween, great for us… a bit #$^! for Doris.
My little darling has been freaking out all evening due to fireworks, never far from our sides.

We all went for a walk for trick or treating, 2 adults, 2 kids and 2 dogs. Freya was fine, but on one house the kids knocked on there was no answer. Seconds later we knew why, they were just lighting the fireworks in their back yard. Doris tried to run across a road dragging me behind her, I managed to hold the lead. She was wriggling all over the place and her tail was so down it was touching her chest.


She’s been little guy’s shadow most of the evening!



How much she loves Jen, it’s beautiful. Considering she’s been hurt so much in the past I’m amazed she learnt to trust us at all. I’d have thought she’d prefer to be near Freya when afraid instead of going to Jenny, for crying out loud he hides under a blanket watching Dr Who so in my opinion not a natural choice for support when spooked.

I hate seeing her up at, of course I do, but I love helping her through her issues and phobias. I’ll be glad when firework season is over!


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