How to Make Handmade Heart Decorations

This evening I’ve been making heart decorations similar to the ones I learnt how to make at the Shloer blogger “crafternoon tea” event with The Makery. Clearly I’ve been inspired!

I wanted cheap fabric so I chose two 3 packs of tea towels, one set in green one in red. Festive of course. These were from a pound shop, so was the 5 pack of glittery silver ribbon, and the packet of bells. The coloured ribbons and buttons came from my local market at a marvelous £1.50. The stuffing is free, it’s a lumpy unusable pillow (washed and dried in advance) chopped open.


I think just over a fiver for all this kit was fine. I think I’m going to get 3 hearts (6 bits) per tea towel, so that is errrr erm ….. 18 hearts. If I don’t make mistakes and waste bits that will be approximately 30p a card, and I will have spare silver ribbon for wrapping gifts too.

Ok, you can buy hand made style decorations cheap in supermarkets but I want a gift that shows caring. I will be taking these to the women’s support group I attend on Thursday – I want to give more than a card and I think these are just the ticket. They are hand sewn and taking me about an hour each…. But I hope I will get faster as I go on.


How to make these hearts.

Fold two tea towels and cut a teardrop shape so when you unfold you have two identical hearts. Lay on floor/table and add a bell on a ribbon between both pieces of fabric so it points upwards. Look at the first image collage to see how I did mine.

Starting at the bottom loosely sew together with running stitch. Adding in the hanging ribbon in the same way as the bell ribbon. Leave a gap on the straight edge. Look where I’m pointing.

Turn the whole thing inside-out and fill with stuffing. Fluff it up evenly.

Stitch all round the outside using something like blanket stitch or diagonal stitching so it strongly binds the edges and reduces fraying. Take care to add extra stitches through the ribbons to make sure it is attached firmly. I used red thread to keep the festive theme and make a feature of the imperfect nature of my sewing.

Once sewn all round add a button or two and you’re done. :-)

What do you think? I love them. Christmasy but without the words Happy Christmas – I know not everyone has a Christmas tree at home, but these could be hung from a door handle or on a suction cup hook on the inside of a window or door. It’s festive but hearts aren’t restricted to one season so could be left out, or packed away with the Crimbo decorations in January.

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