Hello Blog Camp 7

Right now I am sat in a session at Blog Camp. Sally opened with the title “Pro blogging is crap” which made me laugh.   Saying that really those 50 quid blog posts are under minimum wage when you factor in the blogging and photography and editing and administration and and and ….


She’s right. It’s very low pay really, but I like it. I like meeting new people,  well I do and I don’t!  Most people are lovely but some are just so different from me I struggle to talk to them,  to relate.

How I blog is write in the evenings, last minute and just before the deadlines usually. You see I am an over thinker, I plan too much and worry about what to write. Then I’ll just blurt it all out in one go. Whoops.

Listening to proper pro bloggers like Penny makes me want to up my game a lot. She’s done so well for herself. It’s inspiring to be honest. I wish I could write as well as Penny, but everyone is different.  We aren’t better or worse than each other as bloggers gets,  we are all just different,  and that’s good.

Things I am learning, collaborative blogs do well.

Sponsored posts are still huge, but creative campaigns are better. Try to make sponsored things fit your blog,  for example if you normally write about your kids and a bank wants you to write about them talk about trying to teach your kids the value of saving. Why is it relevant to you and your family?

Pitching.  Pitching not blagging. It’s not awful to ask for help, ideas or even products if you remain polite and don’t come over a bit beggar like. 

Community.  It’s still a thing. Support other bloggers, back them up when they run twitter parties, comment and share their posts. You should find you get a better blog reach yourself.  Helping others helps you. Honest! (So comment here)

Update your about me and media pack pages more often. You want these to be businessy not Mumsy. Those pages are your CV, would you write “hiya mate” on a CV? It’s like that.  List people we’ve worked with on there,  especially the big brands. You are selling yourself,  and your past work is your portfolio.

If you aren’t doing great yet keep going.  Set yourself realistic goals, like earn more than you spend in the first few years. Only 5% of bloggers earn £10k or more a year. Accept that you are statistically unlikely to be in that 5% and you’ll be much happier.

Remember to write things you like in between the sponsored work.

And smile. 😉

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7 thoughts on “Hello Blog Camp

  • Tim

    Good advice here – thanks for capturing and sharing. I’ve got the luxury of blogging being a hobby that I do on top of a well-paid job, so everything I earn I consider a bonus. I do think that being professional when approaching brands (without being stuffy) is so important. In my day job I have occasionally been approached by bloggers and anyone who opens up by greeting me as if they’re my best mate meeting me down the pub gets immediately binned. There’s a time and place for informality – a cold approach to a busy marketer or PR is not that time!

  • Penny

    I wish I could write a post so quickly and clearly Julie! I think I might take a leaf from your book and give myself tighter deadlines, I am the world’s worst procrastinator. Thanks for the mention. I agree different is good, I am forever wishing my blog was more like someone else’s blog – today reminded me it is important to invest in being ourselves :)
    Penny recently wrote… The True Art of Memory – Our Snaptrip in Kent.My Profile

  • Janice

    That’s the most honest and realistic picture of pro-blogging I have read. You can learn a lot from other bloggers, but in the end you must decide what it is that you want from your blog and how and what you want to write about. If your writing is like this post, then I don’t think you are going far wrong – be yourself :-)
    Janice recently wrote… Rhubarb and Ginger Trifles.My Profile