Hello from the Great Outdoors

Hello bloggers. Well here I am writing from my tent again.Today we went to Porthcothan beach (Padstow ish if you care to check a map). We adore this beach. It’s got RNLI lifeguards on the beach all day, they are very reassuring to see when you are on the beach with small folk.

So today we were going to have a packed lunch on beach, totally disrupted by wasps. Lucky my son was paying more attention than me, a wasps landed on edge of my sarnie as I was busy talking between bites. So glad little Jenny yelled “Mummy no, its got a waspy on it” or I would likely be in local hospital. I’m not properly allergic, but I do swell significantly and a sting in mouth/throat area would affect breathing. That’ll teach me to talk so much eh?

After lunch we zipped everything into my lovely camouflage Gelert pop-up tent and headed to the water. I was intending to paddle sheepishly as is usual….. instead I ended up in the water up to shoulder height (in my long striped dress still I might add) body boarding. Totally fun and I bet I looked insane. Loved it! Regretting it afterwards after thinking “dammit I’ve no dry clothes” but woo hoo! Can I do that again please please please? :) slightly disappointed Hubby didn’t grab his phone and photo me! Grr, silly chap but I have had words since then.

Sadly Jenny then started shivering *a lot* poor boy. Straight back to camo tent, towel, hugs and team work to get him in clean dry clothes as fast as possible.

After that back to the campsite for a shower, or twenty! Sand in places you shouldn’t get sand!! Pretty sure that statement needs no explanation. Hehe.

Shan’t bore you with details of dinner, but then we mouched back onto the farm. Did our washing up as the kids went flat out on the pedal go karts. Then we sat down talking to other campers and checked weather on WiFi signal…. wish we hadn’t. Met office make it sound a rubbishy week. At dusk we went around the farm pens and fed some sheep, goats, a rabbit and the ducks. Came back quick then as it gets jolly cold fast after the sun goes down.

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