Hello Harry 10

Today this happened.


Jen giving Harry his first hugs.

My neighbour wrote on Facebook earlier “young guinea pig, free to good home”. For a little while I’ve been considering getting a pal for Patch rabbit. Patch is mega old, about 10 years old. According to the posters in the pet shops rabbits live until about 6 years old, erm?
Anyhow Patch hates other rabbits, I have introduced him to seven other rabbits over the years, he hated all of them but he tolerated our elderly guinea pig, Dotty, who passed away a while ago now.


Harry on Jen's tummy.


He looks so small!

The advice these days is bunnies and pigs shouldn’t be hutch buddies, but when you’ve an elderly bunny like Patch who hates his own kind why not rehome a piggy? After an hour of hugs with myself and the kids I took Harry outside to meet Patch. He didn’t growl or stamp, but he was a bit frosty towards Harry at first.


Harry is hiding behind Patch.

Now when I check on them both Harry runs and hides behind Patch! Although he is not approaching Harry, for him this is friendly. A kind of ignorance rather than aggression, it is lovely to see from a usually hostile bunny.


Having to hold him firmly as he runs off.

Here are a couple of close ups, my word he’s a fidget when you try to photo him. But I loves him already.




Can you find Harry?

So now that is 8 pets, in my defence 7 are small. 😉

How many pets do you have?

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