Picnic outfit challenge post 2

A little while back I was contacted on behalf of House of Fraser about a picnic outfit post. Well I chose my boys some clothing by name it, which seem to be a relaxed trendy range. My lads don’t really do posh outfits, I wanted something they would wear by choice, not just if I insist they wear it.
I was asked to choose up to £50 in clothing for the boys, so naturally I hit the sales section. I did the shopping so well in fact that it was exactly £50, I can’t link to them all though, as they are now sold out. For Jen I chose Navy blue trousers and a “soda” print t-shirt. For D it was also navy blue trousers, a “retro” grey print t-shirt, and a grey and blue hoodie. Sadly the hoodie doesn’t fit D, but he did like it.


I think these all match nicely.

I have been holding off on posting this in the hope I can get both my boys wearing their new trousers and tops at the same time, but it seems I can not! These items have been mainly on the boys, and in the wash – just they have not worn them at the same time. (Never work with kids or animals – smart advice from a parenting and pet blogger.)

Still they look great all on the washing line though?


I managed to snap D in the tent at Silverstone

Sadly I didn’t snap Jen before he messed up his clothes.
Silverstone weekend was also Jen’s birthday weekend, so we let him choose his own food, and had some double chocolate muffins with a 6 candle in as we wouldn’t have a fridge for a properly yummy cake. Still it wasn’t a bad birthday tea – and he got some Cars goodies as presents because he’s still obsessed by Cars and Cars 2. We got him a McLaren t-shirt at the track, and he ruined it – chocolate ice cream and mud – its had 3 washes so far but its still mankey.

Jen’s navy t-shirt has had lots of food spilled on it, and it has all washed out well. I often find dark t-shirts a bit of a mare to wash as they seem to absorb stains. D’s cargo trousers have been ace as he is loving all the pockets, and I like the hidden adjustable waist elastic. Our hound Freya’s fur seems to stick to everything, but the trousers are holding up great and have been washed and worn about 8 times and don’t look faded. They don’t even have scuffed knees yet (I’ve jinxed it now haven’t I). All things considered I like these clothes a lot. They might look like the clothing from a certain cheaper shop I go to but the quality is noticeably better, nothing has shrunk, bunched up, no seam splits, nothing at all weird. Yay for House of Fraser and the name it kids range.

I will photo the boys, I will photo the boys. Why don’t boys wear what you want on the days you want?


Disclosure: House of Fraser provided us with the clothing mentioned in this post for the purpose of this post. The words and opinions are my own.


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