Home Sweet Cold Home 4

We came back from Hendra today, a few hours on the motorway. I kept falling asleep in the car on the way back so it didn’t seem such a long journey this time as it did travelling down there.

Monday to Friday just doesn’t seem long enough. I don’t usually like holiday and caravan parks but I’m tempted to book to go back there soon.

Great customer service from almost everyone and Emma the entertainments manager is just awesome. Me and the blokey even got on the stage for some of the game shows. Pretty silly stuff!

My blokey is in the check shirt

The park’s mascot is a huge hippo called Henry. Henry’s picture is all over the park and Jen adored him.
We had to buy Jen a Henry teddy, £6 so much cheaper than Butlins Billy bear, and it’s a reasonable size too.

Each morning a land train drove past our caravan with Henry on the back seat with one of the entertainment team sat by him. This morning Henry was waving as he drove past the living room window of our caravan, before Jen had even moved the net curtain over to wave. The second the train staff saw Jen they hit the horns. *Beep Beep* and the other passengers (other Hendra holiday visitors) all waved to Jen.

It’s the little things like this that matter. Jen totally believes Henry will miss him and that Henry is his buddy. Magic đŸ˜‰

Emma, Sasha, Scotty, Ian and “Henry”….. THANK YOU!

When we got home though it was freezing! We had turned the heating timer off as we would be gone 5 days in total. My poor guinea pig was nearly hibernating in his hutch in the living room.
And thank you too to my sister in law for feeding my pets. x

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