Hoorah for all this rain 1

My garden is growing, alas the weeds are doing the best. We have rubbishy heavy clay soil, and despite binning the worst bits and replacing with homemade compost we still struggle to grow much more than dandelions. Each year I plant more bulbs, nothing exciting, daffodils etc.

I also have the show drops and crocus bulbs I took from grandads garden after he died 7 years ago, I’ve never bought more of those, I like to know something of Gramps lives on. Every spring I will smile and remember gardening with my Gramps, and it encourages me to get a move on and get things growing.

But after all this rain my strawberry plants that were limp and almost dead are now perky and standing up clear of the ground, I even spotted a few flowers on one. I love strawberries, really hope I get a good crop.

We start seedlings in little propogator trays on my bathroom window sill to try to get them big enough to grow through the clay.

Plants we seem to fail with, but berries we are looking good for this summer. I’ve got a red currant bush we got on freecycle, condition was we had to be willing to dig it up.
This is thriving since the stormy weather, although I was watering my veg bed using rain water caught in our water butt, and buckets left outside in showers, its just not the same as weeks of drenched weather. I don’t even know if I like red currants, but Hubby rocks at making chutneys so I thought he could mix them with other fruit and do jam.

I have a cherry tree, covered in blossom, lots of potential for big fruit, as was strategically planted 1 and a half foot from the compost bins, it gets automaticlly fed! Sadly the birds love this tree and always wastes half our crop. This evening I’ve tied some DVDs to the high branches, just promotional bumpth ones, not actual films. I’ve heard the birds dislike this, we will see. I know the bumble bees have been busy busy bees mixing pollen about for us. They were there until dusk. Hardworking little things… they are the reason I plant flowers I don’t really like, anything to encourage bees rather than wasps. In fact have got seedlings going in the bathroom of marigolds and pansys as both of those are self seeding, ideal for lazy gardening.

Also have a raspberry, gooseberry and blackberry bush, but no fruit from any of those. We’ve had the raspberry 3 years, but I relocated it last year due to inactivity, I figure it disliked the position. The other 2 were bought and planted last spring/summer but also did nothing. Right now all 3 of these small bushes have doubled in size since the weather turned.

I figure if staple veggies like spuds and carrots fail in this soil I’d rather grow the fruits that we do not buy as they are expensive for us. Also 2 Apple trees, a bramley tree for cooking, and a “red love” apple tree for lunch box fillers.

Please, keep raining, just not enough to flood?

I’m still planting out Sweetcorn, carrots, spring onions, spuds, squashes and cabbage. I put these under poly tunnels, bought from a pound shop, 2 summers ago. Bargain. The pepper plants all died already, which is a shame, as this is a curry loving household. The herbs also died in the weather but the fruit makes up for this.

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