How I met Blokey 2

A long time ago, 14 and a half years ago, we were both members of the same website. It was the glory days of chat rooms. We were part of the same group of friends, although we had never chatted, I was often chatting with his best mate.

After a while some bright spark said we should all meet up in person. The date that was chosen was my 20th birthday so I can never forget that date really. We all met at Yates wine bar in Leicester Square. It started out so well, but the conversation got naughty fast! I’m not good at trusting men, nor am I fabulous at going to a pub in a big city alone.

It was a strange feeling, like I’d known this man forever, but it was far from attraction or love. I didn’t like him an awful lot to start with, but I felt comfortable and safe around him. Despite the flirty conversations with him there wasn’t anything there, yet. We met up again several times as a group from the chat room over the next few months, cool places like theme parks and big cities to the night clubs.

One time, whilst we were still little more than acquaintances, I asked him for a lift home. I’d never got in a car with someone I hardly knew, this was very out of character for me. We got closer gradually – then boom. We shared a room in a Blackpool B&B at one of these chat meets, as friends, we left as more. He was so gentlemanly, and kind, I suggested that he might be more comfortable hugged up in my bed, and he checked about five times I actually wanted this. Just like that, friends to lovers.

I went to his flat once, and pretty much never left again. I met his family, we visited several towns, he used to love to drive. Within just a few months of meeting someone we had moved to London, our first home together and were discussing children. It didn’t feel fast back then, it felt right. But when you look at the numbers it sounds fast… we met in May 2001 and I gave birth to our son in July 2002.

But when you know, you just know I guess. People said we’d never last, that it was ridiculous that we were together via the Internet. But my grandparents liked him, and I felt I’d found the missing part of me. I was happy and felt safe.

We had loads in common, particularly music. His favourite band is The Manic Street Preachers, and this year I’ve guessed my birthday present. It’s concert tickets to The Manics. Just me and him out together, like when we were a new couple.

His cd collection matched mine, we both had albums from the same bands but different ones. There was only one cd we both had. We fitted as well as our music. He’s the smart and organised one in this relationship, I’m the impulsive and creative one.

It’s like he’s curry and I’m rice. They just go together.

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