I’m a good girlfriend. Kinda… 2

This morning I woke up a little late as usual. But in my defence I’m not sleeping well.
Today was the Misters birthday. I had two lots of cakey surprises….

The first lot was “breakfast in bed”. I had the tray of muffins under the bed, just reached over and grabbed them. He was shocked. I got shop bought muffins, placed them deceptively well into a 6 cake oven tray and iced OLD GIT on top. Presented them with a card that read “freshly made by me, well kinda. It’s the thought that counts right?”

I am not a cook at all, and he appreciated the effort. Takes longer to walk to the shop than baking muffins would take, by if I’d made them they wouldn’t have tasted as nice.

After this I took two cutesy cupcakes downstairs to him full of lit candles. Couldn’t really light those in bed. Would be a bit dangerous!

We went to town and bought pub lunch, might sound a bit lame but we rarely get a chance to go anywhere without the boys, so being in a place that was mainly adults was nice.

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