Introducing Stuffster – A Smart Shopping Tool – Review 3

Yesterday I found out about a site called from a twitter buddy, I thought to myself “That’s an odd name” and then looked into what the site was about. I headed first to the Twitter Stuffster page, and then had a peek about the main website.

Stuffster in a pictorial nutshell..

Its a shopping tool, a bit like a funky hybrid of an auction sites watch list system and a comparison site and an Internet wish-list. You add products, from almost any site to your Stufflists, and set a desired price.

So lets say you want something in particular, a certain brand of shoes and you know the style, You pop to your favourite sites as normal (after registering on Stuffster that is, I’ll talk you through that shortly) and look for these shoes in your size then click “+STUFF” button on your browsers links bar et voila, a pop-up box appears from stuffster saying these shoes cost £35, then you might say contact me when the price drops below £25. You could just choose your shoes from one site or you could add at a few rival shops and set at £25 each, which ever shop drops prices first, you will get an email.

Brilliant idea I think!

I often almost window shop online, stumbling on to fabulous items I’d love to own, but they are just too expensive. Now instead of muttering to myself about being a bit skint, I can simply click on “+STUFF” and set a sensible price and promptly forget all about this item until it becomes affordable and I get a lovely email from Stuffster Interweb Price Ninjas!

Of course there is no guarantee a price will actually ever drop, but that’s why I suggest adding those same shoes at 2 or more shops. Sooner or later one of these shops will probably either have a sale, or discontinue that range. The instant you get a price drop email you could pounce on that bargain.

Its a deal, its a steal, its the sale of the century!
In my opinion this site would be Perfect for computer game and DVD releases if you are a new media fan, these typically start off really expensive for the first few weeks after its released then the prices fall sharply. Don’t buy them straight from release, when you hear the “Super Dooper Mario the Hedgehog 9″ is being released this week track it down online and bung it in your Stufflists ASAP. Bargain!

Also another time this service would absolutely rock is Christmas time. All those “must have hot toys” that the boys want, I’ll be entrusting them in to Stuffsters watchful eye and when shops start to drop items into sale I’ll be the first to know.
Can you imagine how cheap January sales could be if you are already stalking all the gifts the children wanted?
Say they have 3 top pressies they wanted, and like me, you only buy 1 large gift then several small bits. With the money my eldest son gets in cards he could buy one of his other top 3 gifts cheaper in January when I inform him about Stuffster.

Faced with a clever idea like this site, my mind drew a blank as to what kind of products I should put on the stuffster lists… the fact I could use almost the whole Internet I suddenly had too much choice, so I went with pets items. Its a good example, and would be lovely if I do get a super cheap hutch by doing this.

So I’ve got your attention? Want to Register? Simple!

This is my guide on joining, but feel free to peek at Stuffsters own HOW TO page, also has step by step photos, and it is dead easy, honest.

The first page you can join via Facebook or Enter your name, email and a new password.

Once you’ve done this it explains on screen in very easy to understand instructions how to save your +STUFF button to your browsers favourite or bookmarks bar.

Click on next and it explains StuffBoards. This is a collection of different Stufflists, it already has a few there to get you started. You can add new boards, delete them, change the names of them, and move the order they appear in (for example if you called one “Christmas gifts” I’d suggest you move it to the bottom as you won’t need it for about 7 or 8 months yet.


Whilst you were doing this you should have had an email asking you to click to confirm your email address was the right one, like most sites do now. If you don’t have it, check spam folders now. Then carry on on to the World Wide Web. Shop where ever you normally shop, then if you find something you like, like this adorable new home for my chicks click “+STUFF” in your favourites bar, and a simple pop up appears… Shows you a brief summary of the item, and current price, then a blank box where you write in your highest price you are willing to pay. Think of it a bit like a maximum bid, although you aren’t actually buying, just adding it to a
watch list.

I only found one page Stuffster couldn’t add items from yet, but the pop up says they are adding new sites in all the time. So one day all the popular pages might work with stuffster.

And finally, my masterpiece, my pets stufflist.
I’ve set the prices very low, and the next time Countrywide, Pets at Home or Wilkinsons have a sale I’ll be stocking up on pet munch! We normally buy in bulk bags and store in the garage anyway, but now I’ll be buying smarter.

 Its FREE to join so even if you don’t like it you’ve not lost anything. Registering took a matter of minutes, then if you browse the net as normal but remember to save things to stuffster I’m sure you’ll save a few quid.
You’ve nowt to lose really… go on, you know you’re tempted… Still not sure? They have Competitions on their blog! Sold.

MRB rates this 6 out of 5!!

Why on earth have I not heard of this before! As you might have gathered, I likey, in fact I likey a LOT.

This is a sponsored post. I was paid towards my time, but my opinions are entirely my own. The images are Screenprints from taken by myself whilst using the website.

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