It is #MMskydive time 4

Dear readers, if you follow me on other social media you will know I am panicing right now. Not just the heights thing, but because of fundraising targets.
You see I need to have over £400 in sponsorship (donations) by the 18th July. Yes, a few days time!
Right now I am only half way.


Donations (11am on 13th July)

I don’t have a big family, but as a blogger I have friends, wonderful friends. Over the last week they have been mentioning my campaign to raise money for Matilda Mae and the Lullaby trust on social media and their blogs.

I just want to share some of that with you…
Lucy wrote a poem.
Claire shared something I wrote.
Lucy wrote about Team Matilda Mae 2014 here.
Jo is just being awesome.
Clare shared about the fundraising raffle too.

These posts have made a difference, but I’ll take all the help I can get right now! If you are a fellow blogger reading this, would you like a sidebar advert in return for a donation? Small businesses I can write about you for a 2 figure donation. I don’t want to set a price, what do you think an advert here for charity is worth?


Feel free to use this image.

Thank you. Sorry for begging for help. #MMskydive.
Please see how the rest of team Matilda Mae are doing on Just Giving, and give them some love too?

Later today I’ll be sewing these patches I coloured with Dylon pens to a tshirt – think shabby chic.

I am trying so hard for you Matilda.

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