Its Mad blog award season 12

If you aren’t a blogger you might not have heard of the MAD awards for Mum-And-Dad bloggers.

MAD Blog Awards open for nominations now

I don’t like asking, but would you, my lovely readers, consider nominating me? I would say in this last year I’ve become a much better blogger, I understand more, and I’m starting to fit in and love this Blogging community.
When I started blogging a few years ago I was mainly hoping to win competitions as comping is a hobby of mine. I kept seeing lots of blogger only competitions and didn’t want to miss out. I still enter these competitions, and occasionally I win things. What I mainly prattle on about write about these days would be charities, reviews and real life.

I think it’s more of a give and take situation these days, where I used to be a selfish blogger. I’ve done some big things in the last year, skydiving for Matilda Mae, going to blogger events, joining in with team honk relay, a bit of campaigning, a few smiles and a bit too much crying. It’s been a year and a half since my breakdown, and I think writing gives me a sense of purpose. I might be unemployable in “real life” but via my blog I can do something good. I can’t even bring myself to volunteer at my little ones school – too many strangers, but on here, in writing I can say things, do things, change things. On this blog I matter.

Bloggers and blogs I love…

PinkOddy, Trying my patients, Mum of three world, Evan Crittens, The boy and Me, Coombe Mill, Mummy Barrow, Making it up, Edspire and so many more.

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