Its Raining, Its Pouring 2

At last, some sensible April weather.
It has warmed up to a temperature where I’m no longer shivering. All day it’s been reasonably warm with anything between drizzle to heavy downpours. Occasionally actual sunshine was seen, great stuff.

As a gardener I appreciate the wet weather, my rain water butts were almost empty and the beds were just dusty. Of course I’ve been watering my new trees but within an hour or so the top soil was dry as here we have not had rain in weeks.

Today I wanted to get outside in my garden and plant my bulbs, but of course, it turned from very faint infrequent drizzle into real rain at the time I was going to get growing.

Tomorrow, tomorrow I will turn over the top soil and bury those 70-ish bulbs I bought in Wilkinsons the other day.
I’m still planning on having a mini fruit orchard with flowers underneath. At the moment my garden looks a mess, twiggy looking bare new trees, old fruit bushes pruned in winter are now looking like dead sticks with a few small green leaves stuck on them. And lots and lots of mud.

I have some seeds in trays in my bathroom that I planted with my boys. These are starting to grow, and hopefully I can plant these out in a week or so. Seeded plants are often one season only types, but I try hard to only get the kind that either re-seed themselves like pansies, or tough old plants that won’t die off in the cold of winter.
Hence the bulbs, bulbs are fab! Bung them in the ground and forget about them. Each year new plants, sometimes they even multiply by magic. Perfect lazy gardening, it’s just a shame most bulbs only grow in spring and summer. I end up with a boring few months with no colour in the garden.

Nevertheless I like it lazy style, I think a garden full of bulbs and several fruit trees and bushes is an advantage and could increase the value of my home.

Can you imagine it on an estate agents books, “Small 3 bed semi, has low maintenance gardens with a mini orchard.” as long as they don’t continue with “….. Sadly this becomes a muddy puddley slippery mess each winter.”
Note to self, only sell house in summer!

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2 thoughts on “Its Raining, Its Pouring

  • SarahMummy

    I don’t like rain, but I must say I’ve loved it today – it seems such a novelty! Your garden plans sound great. I love bulbs too. My daughter thought I was crazy when I told her we didn’t need to plant any more and they just grow :)

  • Julie Roo

    Some of the bulbs in my garden are at least a decade old. Came from Gramps’ garden and had been there years, then I dug them up and had them in window boxes at our old flat for about two years before we moved into our current home. Makes seeds a right rip off when you compare prices versus the length of time they will last!

    Sadly not all the bulbs live due to my bunnies over active desire to dig and chew at everything.