Jen gets pets 1

This weekend Jen got his own pets for his own bedroom. He’s got to feed and clean them and when he’s confident with them, handling them too.


He’s been begging for a hamster but with sighthounds that can (and do) catch small animals I think a rodent is a bad idea. The woofers ignore insects, so insects it is.
He’s named them after Minions as they are all very similar looking and he’s their “Gru”. Unfortunately these were the last stickies left in the pet shop and none of them have 6 legs left… poor things. I remember my sister having stickies and they lay eggs which hatch easily so we should get some 6 legged ones at some point.

The total cost of these low maintenance pets was 75p for 4 disabled bugs, a £6 plastic tank for Wilko and 2 £1 bags of aviary sand to give the floor something natural but clean. So that’s £8.75 and their food is free, they eat brambles and other leafy bushes. We have a bramble bush that grows as though it has been watered with Red Bull, and I have 9 trees in the garden so these are mega cheap pets. The pet shop even said quietly to us she’d buy back young stickies if we wanted to reduce numbers.

Adding to #MySundayPhoto linkie.
I know that this is not a brilliant photo, my camera has failed I only have the forward selfie camera on my mobile, sorry.

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