Jenny suddenly likes bird watching 5

Little Jen has decided he likes the birds. We regularly feed them bread etc, and we have a feeder spike with seeds and peanuts on just out of cats reach.

Jenny has realised that one young blackbird is less afraid of him than other birds are. This blackbird allows him to get as near as about 5 feet away! Other slightly trusting locals are a mother great tit (we think its the one that nests in our guttering), and a starling.

Here are some photos of Jenny trying to sneak up on his feathered friends.

In one you can see the blackbird in flight by the street light. In another look at the top of the feeder spike, Jenny’s friend is perched there very close to him.

Here he is waiting…

Checking in the tree, you never know?!

Look just by the lamp post bulb

His friendy is on the feeder spike
And finally look carefully on our lawn, to left of the tree. Jenny is stareing at the bird
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