Jewel Candle – A Review 1

This week I was sent a JewelCandle in Cinnamon Bun scent.


Jewel Candles are handmade scented candles, with an extra bonus. A little way down is a jewel, either a ring or earrings.


I’ve been burning it for hours today following my puppy having a little accident so I wanted to hide the smell. (I did of course vax the floor but the smell remained).
Candle Collage

The scent is lovely, the jar is also lovely, I’m not so keen on the sticky plastic label on the jar as it was stuck on wonky, which I feel makes it look a little cheap.

The ring that was in my candle is the narrow ring you see in the photo, the other was already mine. These come in various scents, and suit various occasions such as birthday or Christmas gifts. I would recommend them as gifts for candle fans for a Christmas gift, but you’ll have to order quickly to arrive before the big day.

Sadly 3 stones fell out of the ring within a fortnight, so although it seems a great gift at first I personally would not buy this as a gift.

I received a candle free in return for this honest post.

I received a candle free in return for this honest post.


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