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A short while ago I was taught CPR and other first aid basics by junior doctors that were striking. Well Mr Hunt didn’t want to talk about the unsafe working contracts so unfortunately that means the biggest strike in the NHS ever. *Slow clap for Jeremy Hunt*


These A&E doctors came out with tea

I agree with the need to strike, but I expect for this full on walk out they might have less public support. After the morning school run I’ll be heading to the hospital and joining them on the picket line. I’ve never felt the need to do something like this – yes I protest – but normally by petitions and writing not in person. For example this petition signed by over 330 thousand people including myself, who want it known they have no confidence in Mr Hunt.



I want the doctors and other NHS staff to know the public are outraged on their behalf. The idea of a doctor being utterly exhausted and trying to save people’s lives scares the hell out of me. I’m going to stand with them, against this unsafe and stupid contract that is being imposed on them.

I am an awful cook, but Blokey is fabulous in the kitchen luckily. I shall be handing them homemade chocolate chip muffins, a small gesture to show them their patients are right with them.
Fingers crossed this is the last time the doctors have to do this, I don’t think any of them want to strike, but they’ve run out of options.


Bbc radio Gloucester

If you aren’t doing much today maybe go to your nearest protest or picket. If you pop on to twitter and search #NotSafeNotFair or #JuniorDoctorsStrike you’ll probably be able to find out where yours is.

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