Kindness not hate 2

I have decided that I am no longer afraid. I’m not going to live in fear of things I can’t change. In fact, sod the bad people, I’m going to be happy.
I’ve decided I’m going to fight back in a pacifist way. I’ve been being deliberately kind to strangers. Regardless of nationalities, religion or skin colour. If I can help I’m going to try. I’m calling it random acts of kindness.

Today’s #RAoK was trying to get a lost dog back to his people. The last few days I’ve seen several (at least 30) A4 home printed flyers stuck everywhere there was space. This family clearly were missing their little Jack Russell. So I was at home minding my own business and the local radio had a traffic report that said their was a dog in a main road nearby.

spare collar and lead

Spare collar, lead and a soft muzzle just in case.

We walked for 3 and a half kilometres in the direction of the traffic report. I called out his name and whistled at various points during our walk. After I came back I informed the owner where I’d been and she was very grateful but he’d been handed in to a local vet. The amount of exclamation marks in the message, I could feel the relief in her text. Little Nudge now has a microchip to help with future drama.

My son Jen and I will be pulling down a few of these flyers later.

Nudge's flyer. Contact details blurred on purpose

Here is Nudge's mug shot on a poop bin.

Jen has seen so many of these posters he was asking me if Nudge had been run over or hurt. I’ll be so happy to tell him he’s safe and loved.

Recent things I’ve done include helping a lady in a wheelchair during stormy weather and giving a shivering stranger my coffee flask. He was an outdoor worker, he looked at me stunned but accepted without hesitation. We had a chat and he was new to this city. He said he had never had a stranger do something like this.he actually said in his wonderful accent “it is like you not see my colour” and I told him I just saw a friendly human shivering. He said he was going to find me some day and repay the kindness. I said nope, next time he says a stranger in need he should be kind to them instead. Pay it forwards. If I’m nice to him, he’s kind to someone else and he explains paying it forward to them – it could go on forever.

Love your neighbours!
I dare you, do something kind without being asked, without looking for a reward. A #RAoK

I am planning to stand in the city centre after the stormy weather has passed with a sign saying “Free hugs regardless of faith or skin colour“. Seriously, I’m going to.

be the good

If you want peace, start making it!
Little things add up. Hug a Muslim, high-five a Sikh, give a homeless person something, or offer someone lonely a bit of company.

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2 thoughts on “Kindness not hate

  • Helen

    How inspiring. This post has brought a smile to my face. There’s nothing more rewarding than helping others out. As cliche as it sounds, I volunteered to feed the homeless a couple of nights ago in Sydney. People are so grateful for a kind word or two having been ignored for most of the day. I hope I can help more people out even if that’s by something as small as making them smile briefly.