Last minute Christmas tree craft 14

I don’t really do Christmas cards anymore. Instead I’ve made a little gift at a similar price to a card but with way more love, care and cute.


String Christmas trees.

I was looking at my craft box carrier bag (sorry) and thinking what I can make. Last year I made some friends heart shaped decorations using red and green checked tea towels, bright ribbon and some pound shop jingle bells. I had started a bit of a tradition, the lovely ladies I meet for coffee (almost) every week would be expecting something cute.

Not in a grabby “where’s my gift” way but I suspect they’d be secretly disappointed if they got a card and a chocolate bar.

So using buttons, a cardboard delivery box, string and a hell of a lot of PVA glue I made trees.
Here’s how….


Step by step....

1 – Get a bit of strong card and chop it in to a rectangle. Snip the corners as shown in my drawing to give you a basic tree shape.

2 – Tie a knot in the end of your string to give you a hanging loop and a “tail” to stick down under the main design. This should mean your decoration won’t fall apart and unravel.

3 – Utterly smother the card in craft glue (I recommend PVA) but leave the tree trunk bit free from glue until you get there so it is easier to handle. Stick the tail down the front of the tree and start winding.

4 – This drawing shows you how the string should look. Keep the lines tight and as straight as you can. When you finish snip the string and tuck it under the last row.

Allow to dry out. (This wasn’t worth a drawing, because it is not fun.)

5 – Glue on some buttons using a stronger glue. (The stuff in metal tubes.)

Wait some more…..


What I used and some treeeeeees.

Then just give them away as gifts, hang them on your proper Crimbo tree or hang them from the fireplace with drawing pins.

Add individuality by varying tree shapes, tall ones, wide ones, with branches or without. You can also get coloured craft sting so this idea is very adaptable.
Go play!

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