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If you are looking for some cute little stocking fillers for children this Christmas then Lego Mixels might be a good choice. Jen loves making Mixels, then taking them apart and mixing the sets up too. Mixels are basically brightly coloured little monsters made from the quirkier Lego bricks and pieces. There is a cartoon that goes with these models, and gives the characters a bit of a back story and Jen loves this. Dee, not so much! He’s happier to build them in to bizarre new creations of his own choosing. It really does suit both of the lads, even though one is at Primary school and the other in big school.

Mixels come in series (currently on series 6) and each has 3 sets (tribes) of 3 models. So in the current series there is a green, a yellow and a purple tribe. On their own they make one monster, but when you get a complete tribe you can combine them in to a bigger “Mixel Max”. The instructions for making your Max are found online by going to the Mixel building section of and selecting one of the Mixels you want to use in a bigger model – you then see a few different mixed up versions to choose from. Click on the Max and a .pdf will open, my lads get the instructions downloaded to Dee’s tablet computer, this is so much easier than a laptop as the boys just flick to the next page of instructions by using the touch screen.


Jen has been collecting these with his pocket money, trying hard to only buy from tribes he already has 1 or 2 characters in. He gets really excited when he finds a Nixel – this is a tiny black bad guy that doesn’t like Mixels. You can’t tell which one of the tribe will be hiding a Nixel in their packet until you’ve got it home and opened up the packet. Well, unless you cheat and check out the Mixels Wiki page before you buy them that is!

Here is a video I’ve borrowed from Lego’s YouTube channel which I think shows very nicely how Mixels can merge together to make a Max.

Whilst I’m talking about Lego… I’m going to shout Panic Buy Lego Advent Calendars now before it’s too late! They will sell out pretty soon.

Lego were kind enough to give ME (not the lads) a Lego Friends advent calendar to play with, and despite being described as “a Lego purist” I do like some things about Lego Friends, but I cannot get used to the mini figures not being the classic boxy Lego shape I’ve loved since I was a nipper myself. The rest of the range is in my opinion¬†pretty good, it makes a nice change to have some feminine colours mixed in. I love the little details, like the bunny rabbit has his own proper carrot to eat and there is a little ice hockey set that includes a tiny puck. If you take out the 2 mini figures and the hair accessories that go with them this collection will work brilliantly in a non-Friends Lego draw. In fact Jen has already called “dibs” on it for when I “grow out of it” – nice try lad.

Lego Friends 2015 advent calendar

The lads are having Lego Star Wars and Lego City advent calendars which my sister bought for them as an early Christmas gift. These are now sold out online (most websites) but I am still seeing them on the shelves in some toy shops, get in quick. In previous years they have flipping loved these, so I’ve got high expectations for this year too. The tiny Lego behind each numbered door might not look much, but it adds up to a decent amount by Christmas, and definitely enough to act out a scene or two. For example the Lego City calendar has a Santa train theme this year, I can totally see Dee setting up Santa’s train for an ambush and Jen “saving Christmas” by having a policeman on ice skates chase after him, along with his pet husky, and they can arrest the crook and enjoy pretzels and a cuppa with the girl toasting marshmallows.

I’m looking forward to nicking my children’s Lego this Christmas! I’ve got to test the toys out myself too right?

Disclosure : Lego gave me 3 Mixels from Series 6 and a Lego Friends advent calendar. The other Mixels were paid for by myself and the Tooth Fairy. Thanks to Auntie Fi in advance.

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2 thoughts on “Lego Mixels and Lego advent calendars

  • Pinkoddy

    I have to admit the hair accessories today were a huge disappointment – I knew nothing about the bunny mind so a bit of a spoiler there. I do love the LEGO advent calendars though and all my boys enjoy them. Even my oldest has one at Uni. Will try to get them earlier for next year as LEGO sold out of them and I was unable to get a discount on them.
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    • Julie Martin Post author

      Sorry but BUNNY RABBITS are awesome. I just thought *oh, where is the model or minifig* when I opened door ten. The rest is better, ten is the only one that doesn’t make something.