Johnson’s Baby #LifeIsReborn TV Advert 2

Johnson’s Baby have been in touch about their new #LifeIsReborn adverts on the telly. They want to know how your life changed when a new baby was born in the family.

Jen arrived in 2008, 6 years after his brother. Although he was my second child, it felt like being a new Mum in many respects. I had to start all over again.

• New brother/sister – D wanted to become a big brother. He had in fact asked for a sibling, something he soon denied saying after he met his new brother and suddenly realised he now had a 50% share of the parents he had previously “owned”.

• New Auntie/Uncle – My sister Fi seemed happy about Jen arriving, it made little impact on her daily life though, as we do not live nearby. I’d imagine she might have been less enthusiastic if nappy changing, or babysitting were involved. When I was pregnant with D she was still a child herself, ok she was at big school but little to me. She was good with him as a baby, even though she thought she might drop him.

• New Nanny/Grandad – My in-laws, Blokey’s parents were happy enough about Jen’s arrival, but as he was their 6th Grandchild they weren’t as excited as when D was born. D was their 1st Grandchild and he was doted on for the first 2 years or so whilst he was doing all the first words, first steps etc.

• New Dad – My partner, Blokey, the poor guy didn’t know if he was coming or going. He was happy to go to work and “escape” all the baby duties I think. He missed the birth, and I think this stressed him.

When we first had D he threw himself into his new job. He’d quit his previous job when I was pregnant, they told him he was allowed one day off for the birth. He said “so is that they day my girlfriend goes into labour OR the one when she and my new child are sent home? What if they need to been in a few days?” the reply was “one day, you choose!” so he *politely* quit. Haha.

• Me – Well I got PND badly, had horrendous bleeding, I was in a daze for the first few months. With D it had been much simpler, after Jen’s birth I was a bit of a wreck. I won’t be having more babies, don’t worry.

The JOHNSON’S® Baby brand is celebrating these ‘reborn’ roles for every member of the family in a new TV advert, called ‘Life Is Reborn’, which features the whole family. Everyone has a special moment from when they heard the news, or how it made them feel – and the JOHNSON’S® Baby brand wants to hear yours by tweeting with #LifeIsReborn!

This year sees one of the iconic bathroom staples, JOHNSON’S® Baby Shampoo, celebrate its 60th
anniversary. Here are some key additions to the JOHNSON’S® Baby family…

1. Shampoo – 1953
2. Talc – 1894
3. Oil – 1939
4. Wipes – 1993
5. Lotion – 1942

As experts in caring for baby skin, the makers of JOHNSON’S® Baby have been developing and producing products that are trusted by mums for over 100 years. Products in the JOHNSON’S® Baby range are specially formulated for baby’s delicate skin and clinically proven to be safe, mild and gentle.

Personally the fact that the wipes only came out when my sister Fi was tiny is a shock to me, I thought they’d been around since before I was born, or at least when I was tiny.

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