Anti-social social media – look up 5

What can I say, this is brilliant. It got to me. I must pay attention.
Just watch this…


And go outside for an hour. x

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5 thoughts on “Anti-social social media – look up

  • Lauranne

    A brilliant video, however the irony that it is currently doing the round on social media is not lost on me. Especially as my facebook friends who have shared it are the ones who live their lives on Facebook “just woke up, LOL” “just bought a coffee” etc.

    Thank you for sharing it has inspired me to continue to put my phone away more!!
    Lauranne recently wrote… He’s hiding from me..My Profile

  • Anthony G

    Wow! So much to think about…… The bit when he mentions that children today grow up thinking it’s “the norm” to interact via gadgets (so true); the fact that he calls it “a trap” – think about it – the “World Wide WEB” (we all get caught up in it); and, yes, the irony that his message is only really accessible using the same social media he denounces…… Ultimately, it’s a changing world and there’s a lot to be said about technology (both good and bad).