LOOKISMA, Includes a Contest for USA Residents

LOOKSIMA stands for Looks I Most Adore.


I want to invite you to use the best online stylist in the US. Here you can find out what your style is and get personalised looks that are created for you by professional stylists for every occasion. And, of course, you can easily purchase any item you like. It is free to use.

I had a gander about the website, and I must say it is a wonderful idea, its a shame its not designed for the UK yet.
It feels very much like an online magazine, a look-book of what’s hot or not. I rather like the Yes or no page, not sure about a look want to know what people think of pair of shoes before you buy them?

Ask the audience, phone a friend?

 Their mission is to provide professional and affordable stylist services to a wide audience. They achieve this by applying a very unique concept: LOOKSIMA define your style and ask the stylists to recommend looks for you for all kinds of occasions based on your style profile. You can then buy what you like by clicking on the direct links provided next to each look, which take you to the store selling the items.

If you want to know what to wear to a wedding or a business meeting, or just want to look stylish, LOOKSIMA is the right place for you!

Also if you are a US based reader they have a contest to win a $50 gift card. Just follow my links then look for this logo…..


Sponsored post, I will earn a small fee for each  new sign up via my referral links above.

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