Cravendale the #MilkDrinkersMilk 2

My lads love drinking milk, a bit too much. Jen never really grew out of milk after being a fussy eater, we would give him milk all the time as a way to sneak nutrients in to him. Dee wasn’t half as fussy that’s for sure.

Both of them still call milk “moo juice” even in shops or cafes and it can either be cute or embarrassing. At least they milk comes from cows, it’s worrying how many kids don’t know that these days.  My lads have both been to farms, and although they’ve not milked the cows themselves they do understand. I grew up surrounded by farms so I’ve milked cows and goats several times as a child. Goats milk, erm, my advice just don’t! It might make good cheese but it’s not a pleasant drink.

English: Milking dairy cows

English farmer: Milking dairy cows (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Cravendale is filtered cows milk, this somehow makes it taste more milky, but the best thing is it lasts longer. Standard blue milk only lasts about 3 days after being opened before it starts to turn, whereas Cravendale lasts a week. In theory it does, but an open bottle of moo in this house never ever lasts that long unless one of my lads is feeling unwell.


They have milk with cereal in the mornings, a cup of tea or hot chocolate on colder evenings, plain milk in a glass and lots goes in cooking too. As we have pet chickens Blokey bakes often just to clear out the eggs from our fridge – so you all know four chickens is too many, two never laid enough eggs so I’m guessing three chickens is the Goldilocks amount of hens a family of four needs. I have no intention of getting a pet cow to find out how many pints per day we’d get from our very own Moo’er. Having searched t’interweb I strongly suggest no pet cows guys, they would be loads more work than chickens.

I think I’ll stick to buying our moo juice at the corner shop thanks, even with the walk there it’s less effort than owning a heffer.

This post is an entry for BritMums #MilkDrinkersMilk Linky Challenge, sponsored by Cravendale.

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